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Jun 04, 2021 Thomas Cannon

3 Technologies That Help ACI Deliver World-Class Customer Service

Happy woman on the phoneThe customer experience (CX) has changed dramatically over the past few years, and that’s had a huge impact on how brands outsource their customer service strategies. 

Outsourcing your phone lines to a call center is now no longer enough for successful customer service. It’s a great option for those who need to satisfy increased call enquiries in short notice, but it’s not enough to transform your CX and beat your competitors. 

That’s why in the last few years we’ve seen the birth of the outsourced contact center. A third-party customer service expert that not only provides call center solutions, but also customer experience solutions that ensure your customer queries are successfully addressed across all channels. 

Through the use of innovative technologies, contact centers can not only improve how your brand directly interacts with its customers, but also improve backend processes that enable more seamless and successful interactions. 

Contact centers are able to use technology to find patterns within your customer interactions, prompt agents on the most effective things to say mid-conversation and deliver personalized experiences through artificial intelligence (AI) technology

Technology is at the heart of customer experience success in 2021, and it’s what outsourced contact centers do best. 

With more than 90 percent of American using your brand’s customer service as a factor in deciding whether or not to do business with your company or leave for a competitor (Microsoft), the technologies you use are a crucial component for building customer loyalty. 

In this blog, we’re going to take a look at three technologies that underpin our world-class customer service and customer experience strategies here at Advantage Communications.

Speech Analytics - The Conversational Q Advantage

The Conversational Q Advantage, The CQ Advantage, is our brand-new speech analytics software that we are using to drive improvements within our client’s customer service strategies and customer experience offering. 

Through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, The CQ Advantage records and analyzes 100 percent of customer conversations across all of our client’s channels. 

This insightful data empowers ACI to connect the dots between interactions, insights and actions. We use this data to proactively identify patterns for new customer service opportunities, such as gaining key insights into what makes a client’s customers happy, the top reasons customers are contacting a brand, as well as uncovering conversational trends that improve agent performance.

Live Call Guidance - The MVP Advantage 

Scripts are a crucial component of your brand’s customer service strategy, but when a conversation doesn’t go to plan or a new query is brought up these written prompts often just don’t quite cut it. 

Have you ever wondered how you can improve agent and customer interactions in real time? 

Advantage Communications uses its innovative The MVP Advantage technology, with AI, to automatically detect caller-side questions and then prompt customer service agents with the correct answers - dramatically improving first-call resolution.

The MVP Advantage creates closer and more effective connections between agents and customers, detects underlying issues behind each call and guides agents to provide effective solutions and rapidly communicate changes in script to your front line agents. 

Messaging Guidance - Advantage Messaging

Last but not least, we have Advantage Messaging - our conversational engagement platform that allows us to seamlessly orchestrate rich conversations between customers, bots and human agents.

These conversations enhance how our client’s interact with customers through messaging channels.

Through the use of automation, augmentation and artificial intelligence to monitor interactions, Advantage Messaging features everything we need to engage customers through messaging channels all in one centralized solution.

Deliver a consistently world-class customer experience through SMS, web and social messaging with the Advantage Messaging interface that provides rich messaging solutions across a range of channels.

How these three technologies are used in tandem by ACI to achieve superior customer experience results

Advantage Communications uses all of these tools in tandem to find patterns in our client’s agent and customer interactions, prompt CSRs with real-time feedback for better outcomes and deliver world-class customer service across all channels.

The result? Improved customer service performance that delivers improved call center metrics such as reduced hold time, lower average handle time, increased revenue, reduced costs and an improved Net Promoter Score, as well as building a superior customer experience that drives customer loyalty and retention.

Want to learn more? Advantage Communications would love to discuss how we use innovative technologies to design world-class customer service programs and next-generation customer experiences. Contact us today for more information.

Published by Thomas Cannon June 4, 2021