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3 Key Questions for an Effective Outsourced Contact Center RFP

Posted on Jan 27, 2021 | Topics: Contact Center
Are you looking to ramp up your customer service with the help of an outsourced contact center? If so, your business is going to need to create a formal request for proposal (RFP).

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Contact Center vs Call Center: What is the Difference?

Posted on Dec 22, 2020 | Topics: Contact Center , Canada Call Center
Call center or contact center? These terms are often used interchangeably, but did you know that these are two completely different models when it comes to the customer support offerings that they provide their clients?

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Transition to an Outsourced Call Center? Here's how to do it..

Posted on Dec 16, 2020 | Topics: Contact Center
Are you ready to transition from in-house customer service to an outsourced call center? If so, it's likely that you are familiar with the request for proposal (RFP) process and you've discovered how outsourcing your contact center will ...

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How are Contact Centers Adapting to the New World of Remote Work?

Posted on Nov 24, 2020 | Topics: Customer Service Trends , Contact Center
The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way organizations view their workforce. Companies now fully understand the benefits of remote work and flexible schedules. 

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ACI Leverages Live Call Coaching Tech for Improved Customer Experiences

Posted on Nov 10, 2020 | Topics: Customer Service Trends , Contact Center
Developing high-quality customer service and world-class customer experiences is key to retaining customers and creating a highly loyal customer base, yet the vast majority of organizations are struggling to do this successfully.

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