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Surge in Subscription Box Subscribers - How Call Centers Help

Posted on Sep 15, 2020 | Topics: Customer Service Trends , Contact Center
“According to a recent subscription impact report, more than 22% of companies have seen subscriber acquisition rates grow during the current pandemic. Food and beverage subscription boxes in particular have been in high demand, as much of ...

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5 Questions to Consider When Scaling up Your Customer Support Team

Posted on Sep 9, 2020 | Topics: Contact Center
When your company is just beginning, it’s difficult to imagine that you will ever need a large customer support team to resolve customer issues and queries. Most companies soon find, however, that a call center is needed to keep up with ...

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How to Convert Your In-House Customer Service to an Outsourced Call Center

Posted on Aug 21, 2020 | Topics: Contact Center
If you have decided to transition from in-house customer service to an outsourced call center then it’s likely that you have already been through the request for proposal (RFP) process and you know exactly how outsourcing your contact ...

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What is Contact Center Quality Assurance and How is it Managed?

Posted on Aug 11, 2020 | Topics: Customer Service Trends , Contact Center
Customer service is crucial for the success of your business. High-quality customer experiences that delight your customers turns potential leads into sales, and cultivates a loyal following that means you extract more value from existing ...

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Why Digital Infrastructure is at the Heart of Successful Customer Service

Posted on Aug 4, 2020 | Topics: Customer Service Trends , Contact Center
When you think of superior customer experiences and world-class customer service, the first thing that comes to mind for most is consumer-facing technologies. While you’re not wrong to think that, the real heart of successful customer ...

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