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5 Proven Ways an Outsourced Call Center Will Reduce Repeat Calls

Posted on Jun 28, 2019 | Topics: Contact Center
We live in an immediate world, where almost everything we want is at the click of our fingertips - and the customers of your business are no different. Customers want fast and efficient customer service, with the least amount of effort ...

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The New Trend in Outsourced Call Center Solutions: 6 Ways At-Home-Agents Benefit Your Customer Service

Posted on Jun 4, 2019 | Topics: Contact Center
Today, we live in a connected world where workers are able to work for the brands they love from any corner of the globe. That’s why the contingent workforce, which is made up of contractors, freelancers and consultants, now makes up a ...

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7 Key Metrics to Look out for When Outsourcing Your Customer Service to a Call Center

Posted on May 24, 2019 | Topics: Contact Center
Are you ready to outsource your customer service to a call center? Keeping track of customer satisfaction and loyalty is key to a superior customer experience (CX), and knowing the important metrics will help you achieve that - even if you ...

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Time to Outsource Your Customer Service to a Call Center? Here’s 4 Questions Your Team Should Ask.

Posted on May 17, 2019 | Topics: Contact Center
Small and large businesses alike are both susceptible to pain points in their daily operations, and customer service is high on that list. Successful customer service requires in-depth knowledge, expertise, the implementation of innovative ...

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5 Best Practices That Will Help Your Business Transition from In-House Customer Service to an Outsourced Call Center

Posted on Apr 23, 2019 | Topics: Contact Center
If you have decided to transition from in-house customer service to an outsourced call center then it’s likely that you have already been through the request for proposal (RFP) process and you know exactly how outsourcing your contact ...

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