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Time to Outsource Your Customer Service to a Call Center? Here’s 4 Questions Your Team Should Ask.

Posted on May 17, 2019 | Topics: Contact Center
Small and large businesses alike are both susceptible to pain points in their daily operations, and customer service is high on that list. Successful customer service requires in-depth knowledge, expertise, the implementation of innovative ...

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5 Best Practices That Will Help Your Business Transition from In-House Customer Service to an Outsourced Call Center

Posted on Apr 23, 2019 | Topics: Contact Center
If you have decided to transition from in-house customer service to an outsourced call center then it’s likely that you have already been through the request for proposal (RFP) process and you know exactly how outsourcing your contact ...

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How can my Business Create an Outsourced Contact Center RFP?

Posted on Apr 17, 2019 | Topics: Contact Center
If you’re looking to drive your business into the future and want to dramatically improve both your customer service and the overall customer experience of your brand, entering a new strategic partnership with an outsourced contact center ...

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The 5-Step Process To Outsource Your Contact Center with Advantage Communications

Posted on Mar 26, 2019 | Topics: Contact Center
No matter the size of your business, what industry you serve, and whether you sell a product or service, your customer reputation relies heavily on delivering exceptional customer service that delights your clients. Unfortunately, most ...

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Contact Center Jargon: The Ultimate List of Customer Service Terms That Your Business Needs to Know

Posted on Mar 20, 2019 | Topics: Contact Center
The customer service world has its own language - especially when it comes to outsourced call centers. Whether its words such as benchmarking or abbreviations such as NPS, these terms can be daunting for any new business owners that don’t ...

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