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Does Your Company Culture Align With Your Outsourced Contact Center?

Posted on Jul 30, 2020 | Topics: Contact Center
In a lot of our blogs, we talk about just how important the customer experience is to a successful customer service strategy.  In fact, in a recent blog titled, ‘How to Seamlessly Merge Employee Experience and Customer Experience’, we ...

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3 Key Questions for an Effective Outsourced Contact Center RFP

Posted on Jul 17, 2020 | Topics: Contact Center
Are you looking to ramp up your customer service with the help of an outsourced contact center? If so, your business is going to need to create a formal request for proposal (RFP).

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Using Artificial Intelligence in Contact Centers to Boost Customer Satisfaction

Posted on Jul 10, 2020 | Topics: Artificial Intelligence , Contact Center
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a controversial subject. These new technologies are changing the game for many organizations’ customer service strategies by automating time-consuming, repetitive tasks that allows live agents to focus on ...

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4 Best Practices that Help Transition to an Outsourced Call Center

Posted on Jun 7, 2020 | Topics: Contact Center
Are you ready to transition from in-house customer service to an outsourced call center? If so, it's likely that you are familiar with the request for proposal (RFP) process and you've discovered how outsourcing your contact center will ...

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How Does Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Improve Customer Experience?

Posted on May 1, 2020 | Topics: Customer Service Trends , Contact Center
If you have read any of our previous blogs, you’ll know just how important the customer experience (CX) is. In fact, in today’s market CX can really be the differentiator between a successful company and a struggling one. 

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