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Our Story

We're helping brands PowerUp their Customer Experience by delivering the highest levels of customer service.

We make that possible by bringing together people, passion and technology to provide the best possible customer care - in a cost-effective, and tailored way to meet the specific needs of today's customers. 

Since 1996, we’ve led the way driving better results in customer satisfaction and cost-efficiency for telecommunications, financial services, retail, digital media, technology, automotive and large enterprises - and now we’re ready to challenge the industry, innovate the call center, and deliver the next level of performance and excellence.

Through our commitment to putting people first and creating meaningful jobs, we’ve nurtured a passionate and dedicated team who have become true ambassadors of the brands we represent.

With our loyal workforce, we're proud to maintain some of the lowest attrition rates in the industry. Our current clients range in size from five full-time employees to tens of thousands of full-time employees, with a number of long-term client relationships lasting between eight and 15 years.

We offer 24/7 customer relationship management services to clients across the United States, Canada and the Caribbean via the Omni-channel mix of inbound, outbound, email, messaging, text and live chat.


The talent pool in Atlantic Canada and Jamaica, is an excellent blend of world-class education and hands-on experience, with a winning combination of local spirit and attitude towards building relationships, exceptional loyalty, and genuine enthusiasm.

We consistently achieve Net Promoter Scores (NPS) greater than 45 points, as well as 85 per cent first contact resolution on even our toughest call types.

Advantage Communications Inc. is a privately-held company founded in Charlottetown, PEI, Canada in 1996. Primary shareholders include Canadian-based Ad-Com Holdings and Kingston, Jamaica-based ICD Group.


Our agents are able to reference real-life experiences and relate training lessons to possible client scenarios. This allows forward-thinking and better preparation for applying what they learn in training to actual scenarios they will face in their role.

- Andy Tsalkos - Chief Client Officer, Advantage Communications


We're PoweringUp to implement leading technologies and next generation strategies. One of the most significant is - real-time visual operational intelligence - the next step in the evolution of contact center business intelligence.

We can offer your brand ‘in-the-moment’, real-time operational feedback on your program, allowing for insightful and accurate business decisions.

Our strategic partnership with VisualCue ensures that ongoing performance improvements are built-in to how we manage your customer service program.


We take pride in providing our clients with the ultimate customer experience solutions that best fit their specific needs. We want to hear about the issues you're currently experiencing with your current customer service program, so we can work together, to create and customize your very own solution.

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Advantage Communications helps brands PowerUp their Customer Experience by delivering the highest levels of customer service. Read our blog to find out what's new in the industry and the technologies that are taken customer service to the next level.

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