HIPAA Customer Care Solutions

Advantage Communications will drive substantial operational and financial gains with the use of our full-service BPO, our approach to operations, real-time and predictive analytics from disparate data sources is aggregated, and used as a coordinated approach to managing multiple stakeholders within a hospital or a health system.

The way hospitals manage their patient flow across the entire care continuum is experiencing tremendous change with the advent of ACI Command Center. While reducing time for patient access is a complex problem as populations grow and age, spending on healthcare has become a matter of national attention with rapidly rising costs and variable quality outcomes. As a solution to these, Operational Command Centers eliminate waste at the core by enabling visibility, alignment, and resource coordination across health systems. With an enhanced command center model that we had in place, healthcare can benefit by:

  • Enhanced Patient Flow: This involves efficiently placing, transferring, or diverting patients. Quickly disseminating critical information enables easy patient transportation and improved bed capacity management, etc.
  • Increased Revenue: Lower costs due to reduced length of stay and staffing inefficiency can lead to increased financial gains.
  • Better Patient Experience: Reduced wait times and streamlined care contributes to improved patient experience and satisfaction.
  • Improved Staff Experience: Centralized control features enable improved communication and collaboration amongst the various departments.
  • Actionable & Transparent Data: Transparency in viewing and accessing the aggregated data leads to specific, actionable insights for all operational aspects by deploying descriptive and/or predictive analysis.

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