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A Complete Contact Center’s Guide to Average Handle Time (AHT)

Posted on Mar 9, 2021 | Topics: Contact Center
Successful customer service programs rely on highly-skilled customer service agents and innovative technologies to achieve world-class customer experiences. On top of that, however, they also need to focus on analytics. 

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How Operational Intelligence Drives Contact Center Agent Performance

Posted on Feb 11, 2021 | Topics: Customer Service Trends
Today’s most successful outsourced contact centers are using innovative technologies and state-of-the-art tools to deliver world-class customer experiences (CX) within their client’s customer service programs.

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Melissa Gilbertson

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8 Ways to Critically Analyze Your Brand’s Customer Service Strategy

Posted on Dec 9, 2020 | Topics: Customer Service Trends
We all know the benefits of a well-thought-out customer service program. By improving customer satisfaction, your business can improve brand loyalty, drive new revenue opportunities and build a positive brand reputation.

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5 Questions to Consider When Scaling up Your Customer Support Team

Posted on Sep 9, 2020 | Topics: Contact Center
When your company is just beginning, it’s difficult to imagine that you will ever need a large customer support team to resolve customer issues and queries. Most companies soon find, however, that a call center is needed to keep up with ...

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