Leading the Next Generation of Customer Experience Success

Customers today are willing to pay up to a 16 percent price premium for a great customer experience. Furthermore, 32 percent of customers are willing to walk away from a brand they love because of just one bad experience. 


Businesses can no longer afford to have bad customer experiences.

The customer experience is now crucial to brand success. World class customer experiences build loyal customers, open new revenue opportunities, improve word-of-mouth marketing and drive profitable business growth.

So, how does your business ensure it’s offering a competitive customer experience? 

There are three core things that tie successful customer experience together - satisfied customers, high-performing agents and customer insights. 

The problem is, not many businesses are able to achieve all of these. They may have high-quality agents, they may have good analytics, but they don’t have the resources and technologies they need to bring all three of these components together.

Don’t panic. Advantage Communications is here to help.

We use innovative technology to tie these three foundations of customer experience together, allowing us to deliver consistently excellent customer service outcomes for our clients.

customers-blue Customers


The Customer is Always Right

This has never changed, and it likely never will. Delivering a world-class customer experience is all about making your customers happy, and meeting their expectations. 

To achieve this, businesses need a customer service program that focuses on creating a frictionless customer journey across all touchpoints. 

Advantage Communications implements innovative customer service programs that improve the customer experience and reduce customer effort. Our omnichannel customer service solutions reach across a range of channels, including chat, asynchronous messaging, social, email, voice, SMS and self-service.

We're not just a call center - we're a contact center.

We provide our clients' customers with the self-service experience they expect, combined with professional live agent support when needed.

We design holistic customer service programs that ensure no matter how your customers contact you, they’ll leave satisfied.


agents-blue Agents


Advantage Communications' customer service agents are an extension of your brand.

We work as one team with one goal, to serve your customers better.

Engagement with your brand starts in training. New recruits are guided through an intense "Client Culture" module during orientation. Agents quickly become immersed in your products and services offering, your brand values, and what they represent. 

This allows for a more integrated and immersive brand-learning process that delivers better quality customer experiences for our clients. 

We Are Brand Ambassadors

We believe strongly that our customer service agents are brand ambassadors of your business. As your representatives, we take a proactive approach to address the needs of your customers as they change. 

Our call center agents are focused on innovation, efficiency and excellence, not just once in a while, but every single day, with every customer, while they represent your brand. They're keen to learn and they have all the latest tools and technologies to help them achieve a higher-level of customer service excellence.


insights-blue Insights


Customer service strategies are highly complex. We are here to help.

Gaining actionable insights into customer expectations and agent performance is the only way to drive continuous improvement. 

Advantage Communications uses a number of innovative technologies to gain insights into how customer service representatives are performing, and what customers are expecting from our clients.

Through analytics, we are able to consistently improve our client’s customer experience, find process improvements and gather business insights that can lead to improved product and service offerings.

Advantage Communications uses groundbreaking conversational analytics software, which uses artificial intelligence (AI), to analyze all customer interactions across all channels. This allows us to gather data that gives our customer service team into how customers interact with our client’s brand, products, and services.

We then consistently tailor the customer service program to meet customer expectations and proactively address common customer service issues.

In addition, we also use innovative technology that gives us actionable insights into agent performance. By using artificial intelligence to monitor agent-customer conversations, Advantage Communications is able to seamlessly reinforce effective customer service conversations across all agents working for your brand.


Use data to your advantage and deliver your customers the CX they expect from your brand

Make every agent your MVP with insights that allow your in-the-moment agent feedback, rapid changes to the script, and automated call routing that allows your agents to focus on what truly matters - customer satisfaction. 





Digital transformation lies at the heart of excellent customer experience

Most brands now provide the same products and services as others in their industry. That means the competition for business is greater than ever before, and companies need to be able to provide unparalleled customer service to win.

Delivering world-class customer experiences and superior customer service is near-impossible without digital transformation. 

That’s why many businesses turn to Advantage Communications for outsourced customer service. 

Contact center technologies that drive customer service ROI

We use innovative technologies that underpin our customer service programs, helping us to enhance our agent performance, gain actionable insights that drive consistent improvements and offer next-generation omnichannel experiences to customers.

Our best-of-breed technology stack allows us to reduce the customer effort while at the same time improving the customer experience, enhance CSR performance through live feedback and continually optimize business outcomes by using insights to improve customer service metrics such as CSAT, first-call resolution and lower total cost to service.


Through our innovative technologies, Advantage Communications is able to:

  • Gain unique insights into agent performance and customer expectations, that drive better customer service outcomes.

  • Enhance agent performance with rapid script changes, in-the-moment feedback and automated processes.

  • Deliver superior customer experiences through world-class omnichannel solutions, including chatbots, voice and SMS.

How to Deliver Superior Customer Service with Contact Center AI

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