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Next Generation Contact Centers Are Here...
We Call Them Customer Experience Centers

Are you ready to take advantage of the next level in customer experience delivery?

We’re ready, and we can help you get there. We’ve partnered with the industries’ most advanced contact center technologies, to offer a new, higher-level of customer service delivered via our customer experience centers.

From checking out new products on a website, to making purchases through social media messaging, or contacting support on a mobile device, consumer buying behavior has gone totally digital … and so have we.

Brands now view the quality of their customer service delivery, via a contact center, as a key business differentiator … and we know that every competitive advantage helps. 

The more effortless the customer experience, the better.

Customers today want to engage with your brand using smart and intelligent solutions that require the least amount of effort on their part.

That’s why we make use of the most innovative contact center technology stack in the business - to completely enhance your brands' customer experience, and bring it in line with what today’s customers are expecting.

We offer full features such as secure and compliant account authentication, early stage call direction using 100 percent natural language, dynamic appointment scheduling, outbound alerts, order management, voice of the customer surveys, and compliant automated payments.

These are just some of the key components of our innovative omni-channel contact center programs.

Conversational Customer Care Is Changing

Analysts predict that in a few years, 85 per cent of customer engagement will be conversational without human assistance.

In other words, it’s time to embrace artificial intelligence (AI) to PowerUp your customer experience and leverage the smart, new, innovative technology solutions that Advantage Communications has to offer.

We’ve partnered with the best omni-channel artificial intelligence, operational intelligence and global IT field service solutions to challenge the industry, and take us to the next level of customer experience.

We can confidently say that our contact centers are transforming into a new generation of high-tech, customer experience centers - designed to deliver the best possible customer service, brand experience and results for your business.

A Conversational AI Platform Providing Omni-channel Self-Service

Layer 14-1We offer fully-automated, self-serve technologies that integrate back into our agent-managed customer experiences.

This unique model is a ‘best of both worlds" solution, blending self-serve automation with skilled and responsive live agents - who are motivated to close issues with higher customer satisfaction.

We’re leveraging the power of intelligent virtual agents (IVA) and omni-channel bots to initiate conversational customer care.

By using 100 per cent natural language processes and artificial intelligence, customers can easily complete complex customer service requests that were previously only handled by a live call center agent. When calls need to be passed to a live agent, that hand-off is efficient and seamless. Agents are connected to all the data collected by the IVA, no matter the channel, providing a customer experience that is consistent, smooth and integrated.

To accomplish this, we utilize conversational artificial intelligence (AI), The IVR Advantageproviding next generation omni-channel call center solutions, featuring;

Intuitive AI – The ability to automate conversations and complex processes into effortless self-service experiences for customers. Responds to customers choice of message-based channels, for mobile or desktop.

Omni-channel Voice and Digital - Orchestrates amazing customer experiences in every channel; voice, text, chat, social and mobile.

100% Natural Language - Accurate recognition of speech or text with meaning and intent. Dynamic, personalized, and context-relevant answers.

Agent Access - Connects live agents to customers on-demand, or as part of a workflow process. Our agents have complete visibility into relevant data, reducing customer effort.

Operational Intelligence – Better Insights, Better Decisions

happy-call-centerData drives learning, insights drive decisions – that’s how we continuously improve. 

By adopting leading edge operational technologies that have real-time operational intelligence, with in-the-moment datasets, insights and feedback, we can drive better management decisions and positive actions that can drive up customer care stats.

This next-generation operational intelligence, measures exact agent performance metrics, and how agents are doing, so that call escalation, customer help and agent assistance can be given quickly and efficiently to maximize call resolution.

Our operational intelligence initiative is "Powered by VisualCue", a patented visual design technology that allows us to ensure our agents are fully-trained, fully supported, and constantly adapting to customer needs.

VisualCue consolidates every report in one easy-to-use visualization, updated in real-time, so our contact center managers can work more effectively and agents know exactly what they need to do succeed. We are able to track the overall score of our agents, based on key performance indicators (KPIs) set internally or by you.

We are utilizing this innovative visualization technology to provide clients with real-time operational intelligence baked into your customer care programs – that’s why we now call our contact centers – Customer Experience Centers - a hub where we can drive a higher level of customer care, driving better quality customer experiences.

Our unique operational intelligence solutions, include:

Data as you need it - Saving our decision makers more than six hours each week.

Key metric scorecards - Customized real-time reporting, so we know exactly how the agents working for you are performing. 

Solutions from numbers - Solutions and actionable insights delivered on the spot to our agents. 

Visibility for all - Our agents understand exactly what drives success for your program.

Find out more about how we deliver operational intelligence at our call centers with VisualCue.

Call Center Efficiency Calculator

Onsite Tech Support - Extending Our IT Support Services

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 7.29.31 AMAnother significant innovation from ACI is our IT support program "Powered by Pivital Global IT Field Services". This innovative service provides 24/7 technical support utilizing a community of globally vetted, qualified technicians who can provide onsite support around the clock.

When IT support issues require an on-site visit, our Advantage Communications agent initiates a service request to a local technician to investigate and resolve the issue.

The result is increased technical support call resolution.

At the core of Advantage Communications’ IT support program, is our highly skilled customer experience agents. When the need arises, agents are able to reach out to onsite IT support services, and coordinate the resolution.

This innovative partnership provides a better and more integrated approach to exception cases requiring field services.

Learn more about our partnership with Pivital. 


Our clients have direct access to real-time quality assurance insights, trends and reports through QAS360 - our proprietary quality assurance management tool designed and patented by Advantage Communications.

QAS360 is a web-based platform that allows both the auditor and the evaluated agent to always have real-time access, including visual graphing, of their quality assurance scored and of their progress in the areas of their biggest challenges and their greatest strengths.

QAS360 is designed to be user friendly for all of its users. Whether you are looking at a team’s progress, running reports, or seeking out trends, everything is only a few simple-to-navigate clicks away.

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We take pride in providing our clients with the ultimate customer experience solutions that best fit their specific needs. We want to hear about the issues you're currently experiencing with your current customer service program, so we can work together, to create and customize your very own solution.

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CRM & QA Platforms

We don’t just ‘maintain’ our customer support programs; we direct and manage them, providing viable solutions, innovating with ongoing improvements, and maximum agility in response to changes in the product, service or customer demands. This is why we have our own real-time reporting technologies, such as QAS360.

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Operational Intelligence

We're PoweringUp to implement leading technologies and next generation strategies. One of the most significant is real-time visual operational intelligence - the next step in the evolution of contact center business intelligence. We offer your brand ‘in-the-moment’, real-time operational feedback on your program, allowing for insightful and accurate business decisions.

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