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Reach New Heights in Customer Engagement with

Messaging Advantage

Today’s world is on-demand. Customers now want to engage with businesses like they would with family and friends, on the channel they prefer and at the time that best suits them.

Why stretch your customer service team thin when you have a smarter solution right in front of you - messaging. 

Messaging Advantage is a conversational engagement platform that orchestrates rich conversations between customers, bots and human agents to enhance how your brand interacts with customers through messaging channels.

Through the use of automation and augmentation, Messaging Advantage is able to reduce agent effort when it comes to messaging by as much as 60 percent

by using artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor interactions, providing the correct content for the agent and containing conversations to virtual agents where possible.

As the only built-from-the-ground-up asynchronous messaging solution at scale in the marketplace, Messaging Advantage brings the power of a truly asynchronous conversation solution - empowering customers to engage with your brand when it’s convenient for them on the digital channels that matter to them the most.


Messaging Advantage Benefits

Simple. Engaging. Effective. Digital Messaging Made Easy.

Everything you need to engage customers through messaging, all on one easy-to-use and centralized solution. Manage rich conversations across a wide range of messaging channels on one interface.

Combine cross-channel experiences, human agents and superior bots to design conversations that leave your customers delighted.

With Messaging Advantage you can:

 ✔️Optimize agent performance through a centralized interface where agents can manage multiple, simultaneous conversations effectively.

 ✔️Improve the customer experience by orchestrating the seamless flow of conversations between bots and human agents.

 ✔️Drive productivity and reduce costs by efficiently managing all messaging operations with the assistance of real-time and insightful data.

 ✔️Better engage customers by delivering exceptional experiences with text and rich messaging solutions across your brand’s most popular messaging channels.


Leveraging AI to Transform the Customer Experience

Design conversational experiences your customers love. With Messaging Advantage you can build rich conversations around the expertise of both human customer service agents and bots.

Messaging Advantage leverages AI technology and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to increase the effectiveness of self-service options and decrease agent effort when it comes to your messaging customer support channels.

Combine both humans and chatbots to manage the conversation lifecycle in an effective and harmonious manner - transforming your customer experience.

Context and information is seamlessly passed between all humans and bots involved in each conversation, ensuring both people and technology work together to deliver ultimate customer satisfaction.

Using advanced contact center artificial intelligence, bots are able to support a large number of conversations across a wide range of channels - with agents having the ability to take over when necessary. 

Deploy purpose-built bots in a matter of minutes to meet your real-time customer service needs, or assign up to seven customers at once to one agent via the business messaging system - rather than just one customer at a time via phone.

Engaging Customers on Their Preferred Channel

Customers are increasingly connected to their phones. This represents a huge customer service opportunity for businesses who are willing to adopt state-of-the-art business messaging solutions.

Messaging Advantage offers your brand just that. Deliver consistent customer experiences that delight your customers through SMS, web and social with the Messaging Advantage interface. 

Messaging Advantage has been specifically developed to strengthen rich messaging solutions across a range of channels.

  • SMS text messaging
  • Apple Business Chat
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Web chat
  • Google RCS
  • Twitter
  • Google Business Messaging
  • WhatsApp
  • WeChat

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Through our innovative Messaging Advantage technology, we are able to achieve true contact center efficiency and results that drive superior customer experiences. Contact the ACI team of experts today.

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