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Jul 25, 2019 Thomas Cannon

What is Real-time Visual Operational Intelligence in Customer Service?

Operational intelligence

Today’s top nearshore outsourced call centers use a wide range of technologies to implement world-class customer support strategies for their clients.

Technologies such as live-call guidance, artificial intelligence (AI), omnichannel support and CRM platforms all help modern-day outsourced call centers to deliver a superior customer experience (CX).

This customer-centric approach is now essential to the success of your business, and it’s unlikely that your company will have the know-how, resources or time to implement the technology needed - that’s why outsourcing your customer service is essential to improving those important customer satisfaction metrics.

Real-time visual operational intelligence is another technology that outsourced call centers are leveraging to improve CX - but what actually is operational intelligence and how can it benefit your business? Advantage Communications explains here.

So, what is operational intelligence?

Real-time operational intelligence is a technology that allows an outsourced call center to transform a significant amount of customer data into information that is easily actionable and accessible in real-time for customer service agents.

By using in-the-moment feedback based on customer data, the customer service representatives and managers working with your business can make insightful and rational business decisions on the spot that turn a potentially bad customer experience into a fantastic one.

In its simplest definition, operational intelligence is the process of turning real-time data into easy-to-understand information that customer service agents can act upon while engaging with a customer.

What is the visual aspect of real-time operational intelligence?

Operational intelligence technology can work in a variety of ways. However, here at Advantage Communications our new innovative, real-time operational intelligence technology - The Sightline Advantage - is designed in a visual display tile format.

This visual operational intelligence not only provides agents and call center managers with real-time data, but it’s user-friendly format empowers agents to easily search and understand what they are seeing on screen in real-time.

By clearing showing important key performance indicators (KPIs) and important customer data in an easy-to-view tile design, customer service agents are able to make real-time changes to their customer service approach as it happens. This means they are empowered to give more helpful responses that provide a better customer experience.

How can operational intelligence benefit your business?

Real-time visual operational intelligence can provide a variety of benefits to the way both customer service agents and their managers work - and, in turn, this will greatly help your company’s customer service offering.

Benefits for customer service agents, include:
  • Agents can see exactly how well they are performing in real-time, empowering them to improve their performance by as much as 25 percent.
  • Real-time customer data helps agents resolve customer queries and issues on the spot, meaning first-call resolution and customer satisfaction is greatly improved.
  • Information is clearly displayed in real-time to agents in a convenient manner, whether it be on a phone, tablet or computer.
  • Benchmarks are displayed for agents, meaning they are able to improve their performance in real-time to ensure they hit targets.
Benefits for customer service agent managers, include:
  • Managers are able to see an agent’s performance in real-time, gaining insight into where they are performing well and where they aren’t. This empowers managers to supply coaching to agents where necessary to help them improve performance.
  • By clearly seeing which agents are performing well, managers can offer encouragement to improve performance and give rewards to those agents that are performing well. This builds a positive and forward-thinking company culture.

How can Advantage Communications help?

Through the use of The Sightline Advantage, we provide our customer service agents with the very best-in-class real-time operational intelligence technology - allowing Advantage Communications to significantly enhance your company’s customer experience.

That, combined with a variety of other world-class technology solutions that we implement into your customer service strategy, we can completely transform the way you engage and satisfy your customers.

Want to learn more about how you’ll benefit from outsourcing your customer service to a call center in Canada, serving global clients? Contact us today and find out how we can help you create a loyal, satisfied customer base.

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Published by Thomas Cannon July 25, 2019