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A Conversational AI Platform Providing
Omni-Channel Self-Service

Wondering how you can improve customer experience and reduce customer effort, while at the same time cutting down on potential human error? Look no further than ACI's adoption of conversational artificial intelligence (AI).

We have partnered with the industry's best - SmartAction - to PowerUp our next generation omni-channel customer support services across all the leading conversational channels.

SmartAction’s unique Omni-bot™ is a conversational AI platform that combines voice and digital functionality to provide intelligent automation in every channel.

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Once configured in voice, all solutions are then available to deploy as a chatbot in any combination of web chat, SMS text, Facebook Messenger or Skype.

Omni-bot™ uses AI and 100 per cent natural language capabilities to automate complex, repetitive tasks that higher-cost contact center agents are often handling today. Give customers the self-service experience they expect and give your brand the ROI you are chasing.

Superior Customer Service with Contact Center AI

We provide our clients' customers with the self-service experience they expect, combined with professional live agent support when needed.

Our clients directly benefit from the brand association with advanced technology, superior customer satisfaction scores, and a fully realized ROI. 


Through integrated AI solutions, Advantage Communications can help your brand;

Reduce customer effort - today consumers expect immediate engagement on any device, and reducing customer effort is the key to brand loyalty. Intelligent self-service takes less time, and finds solutions quicker.

Go omni-channel - Meet your customers demand for self-service, by reaching them on all devices. Processing detailed transactions using AI bots across all channels will allow your organization to go beyond knowledge management.

Automate your process - The implementation of AI allows our agents to add greater value to your customers experience. Repetitive tasks are automated, streamlining processes and optimizing the experience. Live agents are ready to engage in support conversations with the right information at the right time.

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Times really have changed. 60% of consumers agreed that AI self service can help them reduce the time it takes to get an answer. Not only can artificial intelligence be used to lower customer effort, but it’s a more efficient way to direct the consumer to the information they need.

Download your copy of this informative guide and get the insights into how AI can truly benefit your customers!


How does your business define and measure customer loyalty? Do you try to gauge a customer’s intention to keep doing business with you, look at how much they increase spend, or try evaluate a customer’s potential for advocacy?

Loyalty can mean different things to different organizations, as customer lifecycle goals vary widely across a myriad of products and services.

A metric, increasingly popular over the last decade, is the Net Promoter Score (NPS). You’ve probably come across articles saying, ‘you only need to ask one question to measure customer satisfaction, would you recommend us to a friend’. The idea with NPS is that the willingness to give a word-of-mouth recommendation is a good predictor of customer loyalty.


Join us in this four-part video series that takes place over the next four weeks. Each week you will receive an email with a new video examining how AI can truly revolutionize your customers experience.

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