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Next Generation Operational Tools To Increase Customer Care Program Performance

We're PoweringUp to implement leading technologies and next generation strategies. One of the most significant is real-time visual operational intelligence - the next step in the evolution of contact centre business intelligence.

We can offer your brand ‘in-the-moment’, real-time operational feedback on your program, allowing for insightful and accurate business decisions.

Our innovative technology, The Sightline Advantage, ensures that ongoing performance improvements are built in to how we manage your customer service program. 

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This pivotal technology is based on a visual display tile format.

The tile is entirely customized to display the data points that matter most to each unique client. Every icon in the tile represents an important performance KPI that is tracked in real time. Using the software, our agents and team leaders have the ability to understand your customer service program data at the glance of an eye, and we can see precisely how our agents are performing.


With more customer service program insight - better program manager decisions follow - and customer service improvements happen. We can do this by;

Boosting our agents - Using historical and real-time tracking, The Sightline Advantage can identify trends than make our best agents stand out above the rest. Previously what was lost in spreadsheets, is now quickly visible. We are able to quickly recognize success strategies, training requirements, and valuable insights to foster the continuous improvement of your customer service program.

Self-governance - This specially designed operational intelligence system promotes self-governance across all our agents, who are able to use this tool for goal tracking and real-time data feedback. When all team members work towards full accountability, client progress is made at a much higher pace.

Time saved on reporting - With operational intelligence we can eliminate ‘after the fact reports’ and gain a clear understanding of what is really happening, in real-time, with your customer service program. we can also quickly achieve a data-based understanding and timely insights into how to solve complex issues that are easily visible in customer service.

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Wondering how you can improve customer experience and reduce customer effort, while at the same time cutting down on potential human error? Look no further than ACI's adoption of conversational artificial intelligence (AI).

We have partnered with the industry's best - SmartAction - to PowerUp our next generation Omni-channel customer support services across all the leading conversational channels.

SmartAction’s unique Omni-bot(tm) is a conversational AI platform that combines voice and digital functionality to provide intelligent automation in every channel.

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Operational Intelligence can directly impact the performance of your customer service program. We'd like to share with you how the program works and how it can benefit your brand by delivering a superior customer experience.

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CRM & QA Platforms

We don’t just ‘maintain’ our customer support programs; we direct and manage them, providing viable solutions, innovating with ongoing improvements, and maximum agility in response to changes in the product, service or customer demands. This is why we have our own real-time reporting technologies, such as QAS360.

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Dynamic Infrastructure

We provide our clients with an up-time of more than 99.99% due to the extensive experience of our IT teams and strong partnerships with leading technology and networking providers. Your inbound and outbound customer support calls are managed through a dynamic technology pathway designed for cost-effectiveness and optimal customer experience.

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With the rise of customer-centric business strategies, an increasing number of organizations are focusing on customer experience metrics to guide the way they do business.

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