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Nov 24, 2020 Janis Ancic

How are Contact Centers Adapting to the New World of Remote Work?

Home Advantage Blog - Contact Center TrendsThe COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way organizations view their workforce. Companies now fully understand the benefits of remote work and flexible schedules. 

These shifts in the way workers carry out their jobs has largely been down to government regulations, social distancing and stay-at-home orders. Yet, after experiencing the benefits that these work models bring, it’s likely that many businesses will leverage both in-office employees and those who work remotely for years to come.

In fact, research from Gartner has revealed that 82 percent of company leaders plan to allow employees to work remotely some of the time, while 47 percent said they intend to allow employees to work remotely full-time moving forward.

To ensure they continue to access top talent, the very best of today’s outsourced contact centers are leveraging stay-at-home (remote) customer service agents to provide world-class customer experiences (CX) for their clients. 

If you are planning on outsourcing your customer service strategy to a contact center, what does the use of remote customer service agents mean for your business? In this blog, we explore exactly what a stay-at-home customer service agent is and how Advantage Communications (ACI) is leveraging these workers to provide superior customer experiences.

The Home Advantage

What is a remote customer service agent?

Stay-at-home customer service representatives are simply an on-demand database of agents who work from home. They are located all across the world, have flexible working schedules and are highly-passionate about providing superior customer experiences.

Remote customer service agents are much the same as customer service representatives who work in the office of a contact center. The only difference is that they work from home. They work with the same values and principles, and use the same technologies as the contact center that they partner with.

How are contact centers ensuring that remote customer service agents are effective in their roles?

The most challenging aspect of remote work is ensuring that employees are productive and effective when working from home. That’s why contact centers are providing remote agents with access to their innovative technologies, to ensure they are able to provide world-class customer service. 

Stay-at-home customer service representatives who have access to technologies such as operational intelligence, artificial intelligence and live call guidance among others will work just as effectively as their in-office counterparts. 

There are a number of benefits that your brand can realize from leveraging remote customer service agents as part of its outsourced customer service strategy, including:

  • The ability to scale your customer service program up and down at a moment’s notice.
  • Working with customer service agents who have years of experience.
  • Access to agents anywhere in the world, opening up your talent pool.
  • 30-minute scheduling means agents work with optimum performance levels.
  • You’ll be able to offer round-the-clock customer care, since at-home agents choose the hours they work - including weekends and night shifts.
  • You will work with customer service agents who are highly passionate about your brand and actively choose to work with your company.

What is Advantage Communication doing to leverage remote customer service agents?

Last year Advantage Communications launched a brand new service, The Home Advantage. This innovative solution is a network of more than 150,000 agents and over 23 languages, enabling our clients to leverage a virtual network of customer service representatives.

These stay-at-home agents, who have access to Advantage Communications range of innovative contact center technologies, can be scheduled to work with your company in specific 30-minute increments. 

This gives you the opportunity to work with remote customer service representatives who actively want to work with your brand and who are passionate about resolving your customer’s queries in an efficient manner.

Want to learn more about how these remote customer service agents will enhance your existing outsourced customer service program with Advantage Communications? Contact our team today. Our experts have years’ of experience implementing world-class customer experience solutions into customer service programs, and we would love to answer any questions that you may have.

The Home Advantage

Published by Janis Ancic November 24, 2020
Janis Ancic