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Nov 10, 2020 Jean-Marc Cheong

ACI Leverages Live Call Coaching Tech for Improved Customer Experience

Live Call Coaching Tech for Customer Service

Developing high-quality customer service and world-class customer experiences is key to retaining customers and creating a highly loyal customer base, yet the vast majority of organizations are struggling to do this successfully.

Creating the type of customer support system that pleases every customer is easier said than done. Most organizations simply do not have the resources, expertise or technologies required to create a customer service strategy that truly delights their customers and drives revenue growth.

Customer service has never been more important for your organization. Most companies now battle it out on customer service alone, with customer experience often being the only differentiator between one company and another. 

According to New Voice Media, 49 percent of American consumers have switched companies due to poor customer service. Meanwhile, Accenture estimates that customers switching companies due to poor service costs US businesses a total of $1.6 trillion. 

To design a world-class customer service strategy, it’s crucial that you have access to the innovative technologies that drive customer service agent performance and better experiences for your customers. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely you will be able to afford these technologies in house. 

That’s where Advantage Communications comes in. By outsourcing your customer service to our customer experience experts, we will be able to integrate a range of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), live-call guidance and operational intelligence into your customer service program. 

ACI uses artificial intelligence to create world-class customer experiences

By using artificial intelligence, ACI is able to deliver a consistently great customer experience on every single interaction by simply making conversation more human. We use AI for three main functions, machine learning, big data and natural language processing.

By using artificial intelligence to enhance agent performance and improve the customer experience we can boost our client’s revenue, develop a more personalized approach to customer service, reduce customer effort and many other benefits.

To take this to the next level, we have now officially launched our new live call coaching AI technology. This new technology was featured as a snippet on NewsWatch, which you can now view by fast forwarding to 12:20 on the below video. 



What is live call coaching?

Live call coaching is an artificial intelligence program that makes conversations more human, by teaching customer service agents skills such as questionioning, empathy and active listening in real-time. These skills are taught at the exact moment agents need them, when they’re on a call with a customer.

During a call, ACI’s live call coaching listens to both sides of the conversation and then prompts the agent with the most effective sentences to say based on the context of the conversation. 

The result? Superior customer experiences across every single interaction. This reduces friction between the customer and your customer service representative, increasing the chance that customers will become loyal to your brand.

Want to learn more about our innovative live call coaching technology? Contact ACI today. Our team of highly-skilled customer experience experts would love to answer any questions that you may have.


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Published by Jean-Marc Cheong November 10, 2020
Jean-Marc Cheong