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Sep 07, 2018 Thomas Cannon

5 Measurements of CX Success That Outsourced Contact Centers Must Meet

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Outsourcing your customer support to a contact center can offer numerous benefits for your business, but what measurements should your company look out for to make sure your contact center is committed to true customer experience (CX) success?

Outsourcing your call center will give your business 24/7 customer support, cost savings, access to innovative technology such as artificial intelligence or real-time data and highly trained agent, but it’s important to find the company that’s the right choice for your business. 

Here are five measurements that contact centers must meet for customer experience success:

1 - Agent turnover

Agent attrition rates can be high for many contact centers, but for a truly successful customer experience it’s important that managers keep an eye on attrition rates. According to DMG Consulting, there is a 37 per cent rate of attrition amongst contact center employees during the first six months on the job alone.

Advantage Communications, for example, has an employee attrition rate of 27 per cent - well below the industry average. Around 90 per cent of Advantage’s agents are in permanent full-time positions, with 30 per cent having been with the company between two and five years - almost twice the industry average.

Loyal and experienced agents will become brand ambassadors for your company, and will be able to take a proactive approach to address the needs of your customers.

2 - Real-time data

According to Dimension Data, analytics is believed to be the future of contact centers. Despite this, the company found that 40 per cent of contact centers still have no analytical tools established within their business process.

The use of real-time data reporting and analytics gives contact centers invaluable insights into customer trends and behaviour. Using this data empowers agents to make meaningful decisions that perfect the customer experience.

In fact, harnessing this data means agents cannot only answer queries in a timely manner, but also be capable of solving their problems before they even know they exist.

3 - Agent performance

Real-time data can also be implemented directly into improving agent performance. It can help agents and their managers address particular areas of weakness, as well as improve their performance on an ongoing basis.

Using in-depth and real-time data helps managers to grow and support their team of customer service representatives. This can include helping them to cultivate new skills, identifying and executing professional development opportunities and finding constant ways to keep improving the customer experience.

4 - Program management and adherence

Customers in the modern world want problems solved immediately, and a robust customer service program with agent adherence is the key to a successful customer experience. Agents must be able to handle customer concerns swiftly and efficiently.

This is why Advantage Communications uses dedicated program managers for each client we work with. Program managers help transition your company to outsourced customer support and constantly improves your customer experience for revenue growth, higher retention, and increased satisfaction.

5 - Use of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) can completely transform a companies customer experience, but these technologies are often way too expensive and complex to host in-house for many companies. Thankfully, there are some outsourced contact centers leading the way with these technologies.

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Not only can it transform your customer service, but, just as we wrote in our recent blog, AI can also be used to better track your company’s customer experience. Partnering with an outsourced contact center which harnesses recent innovations in artificial intelligence will bring your company’s customer experience into the future.

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Published by Thomas Cannon September 7, 2018