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Our Call Center Outsourcing Services Are An Extension of Your Brand

We work as one team with one goal, to serve your customers better. 

Engagement with your brand starts in training. New recruits are guided through an intense "Client Culture" module during orientation. Agents quickly become immersed in your products and services offering, your brand values, and what they represent. This allows for a more integrated and immersive brand-learning process that delivers better quality client experiences and results.

We're Brand Ambassadors

First and foremost, we are ambassadors of your brand.

As your representatives, we take a proactive approach to address the needs of your customers as they change. 

Our call center agents are focused on innovation, efficiency and excellence, not just once in a while, but every single day, with every customer, while they represent your brand. They're keen to learn and they have all the latest tools and technologies to help them achieve a higher-level of customer service excellence.

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Our proactive partnerships means that we take initiatives at every level, bringing improvements and solutions solutions to the table that drive the customer service strategy and solve problems before they happen.

Experienced, Brand-Aware, Multi-Skilled Agents

Not only do we recognize, and take action, on trends before they become a problem; the high level of expertise within our organization means we are able to provide viable solutions that address any gaps that arise within the customer experience.

With the fast pace of change with new product launches, price changes, web navigation updates and other initiatives - we are aware and sensitive that these changes may affect customer engagement with your brand. Our call  center agents are able to reference real-life experiences and relate training lessons to possible client scenarios.

It generally takes 60 days for a contact center agent to feel comfortable enough to confidently serve your customers. We are proud to maintain attrition rates of less than 27 per cent, well below industry averages. Over 30 per cent of our agents have been with us for 2 to 5 years, so we provide a continuity of care above the competitive market norms.

Brand Knowledge - Miele Experience Center

Our call center agents are able to reference real-life experiences and relate training lessons to possible client scenarios. This allows forward-thinking and better preparation for applying what they learn in training to actual scenarios they will face in their role.

Andy Tsalkos - Chief Client Officer, Advantage Communications


FLOW provides residential and business telephone, Internet and television services across the Caribbean. Advantage Communications manages the FLOW Contact Center created to immerse the ACI Agents with a fully branded FLOW experience.

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What Does It Take To Become Your
Brand Ambassador?

We take pride in providing our contact center clients with the ultimate customer experience solutions that best fit their brands specific needs. We'd like to show you how we do it, and how we can create and customize your very own solution.

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How We Work

We provide outsourced contact center solutions that are custom-designed to be an extension of your business model and your brand. Let's PowerUp your customer experience, leveraging our people, passion and technology - powered by a conversational AI platform and industry-leading Omni-channel self-service.

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Contact Center Service Models

We’ve mastered the dynamic between cost-efficiency, customization and customer experience. Each service model is fully supported by top-notch support, security and privacy applications, as well as one of the most robust business continuity plans in the industry.  

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