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Custom Designed Customer Service

We provide outsourced contact center, customer service solutions, that are custom-designed to be an extension of your business model and your brand. Let's PowerUp your customer experience, leveraging our people, passion and technology - powered by a conversational AI platform and industry leading Omni-channel self-service.

How to Outsource

Let’s Build a Partnership

We form true partnerships with our clients.

We've had the pleasure of working with many of our clients for over 10 years, some over 15, a tribute to how we build successful business relationships.

Our contact center leadership teams are made up of seasoned industry experts who are hands-on with the development, transition, launch and management of your contact center program. They know that great partnerships work best.

We work with you, applying call center best practices and the latest innovations to maximize your investments.

Contact Center Partnerships

Reliable Planning and Credible Knowledge Transfer

The decision to outsource your company’s customer support is one that will vastly improve cost-efficiency and customer experience. With Advantage Communications, you have a dedicated team of business process outsource experts taking the time to understand your company’s culture, business goals, brand and existing call center operations.

Our five on-shore and near-shore call centers deliver industry-high standards of customer excellence.

Through our Strategic 10-Step Transition and Launch Playbook, you will see immediate improvements in your call center operations, from cost-efficiency to customer experience.

With 21+ years as a leading North American outsourcing solutions provider, we’ve mastered the dynamic between cost-efficiency, customization and customer experience. We make sure you won’t have to sacrifice one for the other.

Conversational AI

Wondering how you can improve customer experience and reduce customer effort, while at the same time cutting down on potential human error? Look no further than ACI's adoption of conversational artificial intelligence (AI) into our contact center operations. 

We've partnered with the industry's best to PowerUp our next generation Omni-channel customer support services across all the leading conversational channels.

We use a conversational AI platform that combines voice and digital functionality to provide intelligent automation in every channel.

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2020 Contact Center Trends eBook Cover

Featured eBook

Revolutionize Your Customer Experience in 2020!

What tactics will Contact Centers adopt in 2020 to ensure they exceed customer expectations?

New research from the “Serial Switchers” Report, reveals that poor customer service is costing more than $75 billion a year - that’s up $13 billion since last reported in 2016.

Customer Experience is top of mind in the boardroom and C-Suite - as customer service is recognized as highly strategic for growth and revenue.

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We take pride in providing our clients with the ultimate customer experience solutions that best fit their specific brand needs. We want to hear about the brand issues you're currently experiencing with your current call center program, so we can work together, to create and customize your very own solution.

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Program Management

We have a track-record of 100% budget adherence while achieving industry-high customer experience satisfaction. We don’t just “maintain” our contact center programs; we direct and manage them, providing viable insights and solutions as the landscape changes. Our Program Managers are empowered to continually innovate.  

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Contact Center Service Models

We’ve mastered the dynamic between cost-efficiency, customization and customer experience. Each service model is fully supported by top-notch support, security and privacy applications, as well as one of the most robust business continuity plans in the industry. We offer three scalable service models: Dedicated, Per-Minute and Hybrid.

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5 Business Benefits of After-Hours Customer Service

When customer service is managed internally, most businesses only have agents available during opening hours and that can be a huge problem when it comes to ensuring customers are satisfied. 

That’s because many customers can’t call...

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