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May 22, 2018 Thomas Cannon

Improve Your Customer Service With Real-Time Data

real time data on a computer screen

In today’s digitally driven world, companies are vying for customers across various devices and using interactive marketing techniques. Real-time data reporting is becoming key to improving your customer service and customer experience.

The battleground for business is now online, and companies that are able to process and respond to multiple customer queries in a timely fashion will stand out from their competitors. But while speed is crucial, so is the delivery of detailed and accurate customer specific information over an omnichannel experience, something that outsourcing your call center to an expert can achieve. 

Consumers now expect companies to instantly understand their specific problem and to be able to quickly follow that up with a solution. Research suggests it takes 12 positive experiences to repair the damage caused by an unresolved negative one, meaning there’s no room for error.

Real-time reporting and trend data provides invaluable insights into your customer’s reaction to any changes in your products or service. It’s about making use of relevant data to understand your customer’s behaviour, and, in turn, using that to make meaningful decision to optimize their experience.

Advantage Communications uses our own patented CRM applications which utilize real-time data and reporting. These applications deliver standard incident logging and relationship management features, but also allow agents to easily escalate incidents to subject matter experts. Database functionality lets us look into incidents at the customer level or line of business, providing up-to-date immediate data for trend analysis.

Is real-time data part of your customer service strategy? Here’s why it should be.

Customers today may be less brand loyal than previous generations, but they are loyal to good customer experience. If you offer high-quality service each time your customers need it, then not only will they keep coming back, but you will also attract new customers through word-of-mouth marketing and online reviews. This means it’s essential that you anticipate your customer’s needs before they even know their specific problem.

More often than not, customer interaction for problem solving is conducted online or on the phone, and not face to face. The digital world is real-time, and you need real-time information to give your customer service representatives the knowledge they need to deal with a customer’s specific problem, quickly, easily, and with minimal customer effort. For this reason CRM software is an essential tool for supplying customer service representatives with up-to-date customer information that they can access as conversations take place.

Real-time data allows you to provide detailed customer service during all hours of the day. And even if you don’t have the capacity for that, you should at least have some kind of system that acknowledges your customers instantly, before a more detailed answer is given. Customers have thousands of brands at their fingertips, and if it takes a day to respond to a question, it’s highly likely they’ve moved on to the next company in Google’s rankings.

Customer service representatives never know what question or inquiry they will be faced with when a customer contacts them. This means it’s essential that representatives are well-versed in any potential problems and they have an in-depth knowledge of the company. Real-time data means representatives will be trained in the most up-to-date problems that customers could potentially be facing - and even if they don’t know something, they will be able to access the customer database in a matter of seconds to cross-check against other customer calls and agent solutions.

A lack of real-time data, and not knowing how to deal with your customer’s needs in a timely manner, is an insurmountable obstacle today. The longer you wait to implement a customer service solution that uses real-time data, and solves consumer questions and issues quickly and easily, the more customers you will see move on to the next brand.

At Advantage Communications, agents are empowered to provide your customers with the best service experience possible, using real-time data and our proprietary CRM. With dynamic training and a culture that champions teamwork, our agents become true ambassadors of your brand, engaged in helping your company reach its goals.

For more information on how real-time data can transform your customer experience, give us a call to discuss outsourced contact centre solutions.

Published by Thomas Cannon May 22, 2018