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Jul 13, 2018 Thomas Cannon

Advantage Communications Launches New Website

Screenshot of new ACI websiteAdvantage Communications Inc. (ACI) has made another stride forward this month, with the launch of a brand new website that further solidifies our position as a challenger to the traditional outsourced call center industry.

The new website has been designed to have a clean, uncluttered and user-friendly design that improves functionality, navigation, as well as enhancing our rich content offering. This allows Advantage to continue to distinguish itself as a thought leader within the customer service industry, providing high-quality content on the transformation of customer service. 

With a particular focus on emerging technology, our new website will strengthen Advantage’s status as a disruptor to the traditional contact center. The new website features content on how we can help our clients reach the next level of customer experience delivery, through innovative new technologies, passion for what we do, and a committed team.

Our partnerships with the industry’s most advanced contact center technologies, including the use of artificial intelligence and our unique approach in leveraging real-time data, means our customer experience centres use unique programs that allow us to offer a higher level of customer service.

These intelligent, omni-channel solutions allow customers to engage with our client's brand with minimal effort, exactly what our new website also achieves.

Gregory Hough, Chief Executive Officer at ACI, said: “Advantage Communications is excited to announce the launch of our brand-new website, and we encourage visitors to explore our new design.

“We believe this update, along with our enhanced content offering, will continue to position ACI as a leader in customer experience, helping companies to deliver the highest level of customer service across all aspects of their business.”

Looking for more information about outsourcing your customer service to a call center in Canada that serves global clients, please contact us today!

About Advantage Communications

Advantage Communication makes great customer experience possible, by bringing together people, passion and technology to provide companies with the best possible customer care. Since 1996, ACI has been offering cost-effective and tailored solutions that go above and beyond the specific needs of today’s customers.

A challenger to the traditional call center industry, Advantage has combined state-of-the-art technology and artificial intelligence, along with a passionate and dedicated team, to nurture customer representatives that become true ambassadors of the brands we represent.

Published by Thomas Cannon July 13, 2018