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Sep 02, 2021 Carissa Coryn

3 Key Ways That Analytics Improves Customer Service

3 Key Factors for Customer ServiceProviding good customer service is an art. Customer service is about so much more than just taking customer calls and providing them with your best answer. Delighting your customers is about being proactive and exceeding their expectations.

That’s where customer service analytics comes in. Analytics help you strive for continual business success. No longer will you rest on your laurels. Instead, you’ll be consistently improving the customer experience (CX) and bettering your customer service outcomes.

In this blog, we discuss exactly what customer service analytics is, why it’s so important and how your business can build a more successful customer service program through the use of analytical technology. 

What is analytics in customer service?

Customer service analytics refers to the processes and technologies that give an organization the insights they need to meet customer expectations and consistently improve customer service representative (CSR) performance.

By using this data to find actionable insights about both your customer and the performance of your customer service agents, your brand is able to make changes that deliver superior customer service results. 

Analytics helps you improve the customer experience, deliver on exactly what your customer is expecting from your brand, ensure agents are delivering positive customer outcomes and allow you to reduce friction between your brand and the customer.

By doing this, you’ll be able to dramatically improve call center performance metrics such as average handle time (AHT), call abandonment rate (CAR), first-call resolution (FCR), customer effort score (CES), net promoter score (NPS) and so much more.

Why is analytics important in customer service?

Customer service analytics is the backbone of any successful customer service strategy. Here are just a few reasons why analytics is so important to a brand’s customer service program:

1 - Provide agents with in-the-moment feedback for better outcomes

There’s no better way to improve the results delivered by your customer service agents than by providing real-time feedback to improve how CSRs communicate with customers. Live Call Guidance allows your customer service department to detect caller-side questions, detect underlying issues behind each call and guide your agent on the best way to respond based on the customer’s emotions and behaviours.

2 - Analyze customer interactions for deeper insights

Ever wanted to know exactly what that majority of your customers contact your brand for and what they expect from your customer service team? When you Analyze Conversations Intelligently, you can do just that. 

With innovative conversation analytics technology, customer service teams now have the capabilities to monitor customer interactions across all channels to uncover actionable intelligence that can be used for business improvement. Use customer interaction data - such as the top 10 customer queries - to improve how you deliver customer service and even improve your producer/service offerings. 

3 - Real-time insights into agent performance for more strategic coaching

Agents are the foundation of your customer service program. The better your agents perform, the better the customer service outcomes your brand will deliver, and the happier your customers will be with your service offering.

That’s why it’s crucial that your call center has complete visibility and control over agent performance. With real-time analytics on agent performance, call center managers are able to recognize which agents need to be coached based on insightful scoring. Team leads gain a deeper understanding of the next best coaching actions that they should work with agents on.

How can your business access customer service analytics?

Unless you work for a huge enterprise organization with unlimited funds, it’s unlikely your organization has the resources, budget or manpower to invest in, and successfully run, a suite of customer service analytics technologies. 

That’s where customer service outsourcing is your friend. Partnering with an outsourced contact center gives your business access to innovative technology, highly-skilled CSRs, the ability to scale up and down seamlessly, and omnichannel customer service expertise.

Here at Advantage Communications, for example, we use our innovation toolkit to deliver superior customer service results on behalf of our client. Our toolkit is made up of a range of innovative technologies - from artificial intelligence, customer analytics, agent performance analytics and operational intelligence - that work seamlessly together to guide your customer service strategy towards the best outcomes. 

Interested in learning more about our technologies and how we deliver superior customer service results? Get in touch with us today. We would love to answer any questions you may have.

Published by Carissa Coryn September 2, 2021