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3 Common Mistakes Your Contact Center Should not be Making

Posted by Randy Clapp on Dec 13, 2018

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With new technological innovations in outsourced contact center technology improving the customer experience and influencing business to become more customer-centric, the demands of the customer are now greater than they’ve ever been before. 

If you are outsourcing your customer service to an outsourced call center then it’s because you’ve realized the many benefits that outsourcing you call center can bring to your organization, including state-of-the-art technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), reduced customer effort, an improved customer experience and profit growth.

However, if you have your own in-house small contact center you know that it can rely on the perfect blend of the right employees, modern processes and innovative technology. Small contact centers which fail to get this mix right can soon see mistakes creeping into their work.

Advantage Communications is a challenger to the conventional contact center industry, bringing together people, passion, and technology in completely innovative and customizable ways to help businesses like yours grow.

We’ve listed three common mistakes that some small contact centers make that your business should be aware of:

1 - Cancel training to deal with high-volume call periods

If a contact center has determined that its agents need training and has scheduled for it to happen, then it needs to happen. Training and professional development should be the number one priority for contact centers that are striving to get the best results for their clients.

Training sessions are important, otherwise the contact center would not schedule them. Training helps customer service representatives to become more efficient, deliver higher-quality work and improve the effectiveness of their work.

For top quality contact centers, training even helps customer service agents to act as brand ambassadors on behalf of your company. When agents are passionate and skilled enough to become brand ambassadors, they will be completely immersed in driving your business forward.

2 - Coaching only negative behaviour

On the subject of training customer service representatives, many contact centers become so wrapped up in coaching underperforming agents that they forget to coach the “good” agents completely.

This can have a negative impact on a contact center in two ways. The “good” agents will feel neglected and question their importance or value as they never receive feedback, while the “underperforming” agents will only ever hear about the things they do wrong.

Coaching must be undertaken with all agents, and not just focused on negative behaviours. It must be used as a tool to to address opportunities for improvement and reinforce positive behaviours. This will result in improved efficiencies, better quality customer care and a better customer experience.

Contact centers that go above-and-beyond in coaching will use innovative technology such as operational intelligence to supply their agents with real-time data that gives in-the-moment feedback.

3 - Lose sight of their advantages

Contact centers do an incredible job for the clients that they serve, and they simply must not forget how important they are to customers.

Outsourced contact centers build closer and stronger relationships with their team, they communicate information faster and more efficiently, they can implement ideas and respond to changing customer landscapes immediately and they can make the most of world-class technologies that would be far too expensive for a small business to implement into its processes.

An outsourced contact center will improve your overall customer experience, provide better customer service, drive up profits and help your business to become more efficient. It’s crucial that the contact center you use recognizes just how important it is to your company.

Advantage Communications is helping brands to PowerUp their customer experience through innovative technology, world-class customer service and highly passionate employees. Ready to learn more about how we can help your business? Contact us today.

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Randy Clapp

Written by Randy Clapp

Randy Clapp has sold over $1 billion in the services industry working with leaders such as Hewlett-Packard, Electronic Data Systems, CompuCom and Avis Rental Car. He received EDS’ Inner Circle Award as one of the company’s top 100 performers, as well as the Top Leader Award with CompuCom. He earned his Bachelor Degree in Business Management and Economics from Northwood University. Randy Clapp attributes his success to: “…showing clients how to make or save money in ways they never thought possible”.

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