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Sep 29, 2022 Thomas Cannon

The Top Challenges in Creating an Excellent Customer Experience

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When it comes to implementing a successful customer experience (CX) strategy, there are several challenges business must overcome. To help you avoid and overcome these obstacles, it’s important to understand what they are. 

That’s why, in this blog, we’re going to look at the seven most common challenges businesses’ face with creating an excellent customer experience.

 #1 - Not creating a customer-centric culture

To have a successful customer experience strategy, you need to have a customer-centric culture. This means your management team and staff need to be focused on creating the best experience they can for your customers. 

To create a customer-centric culture, encourage your team to look at their job and the business from the eyes of your customers. This is the only way that you can understand your customers’ needs and their pain points. 

 #2 - Not knowing who your customer is

One of the biggest mistakes people make is assuming that they are their own customers and basing the way they interact with their customer on how they like to interact. But employees and business owners aren’t always their own ideal customer, or at least not the only ideal customer.

Before you can look at your business from your customers’ point of view, you must know who your customer is. 

To better understand who your customer is and what they expect from your company, be sure to create personas that align with your ideal audiences. A persona is a semi-fictional person who represents your ideal customer based on market knowledge and research. This will help you build a customer journey that leads to customer service success

#3 - Not defining great CX 

Once you know who your ideal customers are, you need to understand what a great customer experience means to them. This will help you understand how to interact with your customers and what information and assistance they are looking for.

Once you understand what makes them tick and how to maximize their perception and feelings towards your business, you can start to develop your customer service strategy. Which leads us to our next challenge …

#4 - Not having a strategy

Developing a CX strategy is critical to ensuring smooth implementation, proper employee training and overall customer experience success. 

Your strategy should outline all the information you have gathered so far including who your customer is and what their expectations are in terms of CX. It should also outline how each department and employee can deliver a great customer experience and how success will be measured. 

Once you have developed your strategy, you need to ensure you follow through with implementation and properly track and monitor results. 

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#5 - Not ensuring everyone understands what CX is

It isn’t uncommon for customer service and customer experience to become interchangeable. But these two concepts are very different. 

Customer service is the assistance and advice that your business provides to a customer. Customer experience is your customers’ overall perceptions and feelings about your business and brand based on interactions they have had with you through customer service, marketing, buying and more. 

Understanding what CX is will ensure you and your team improve the customer experience, without wasting time and resources. 

 #6 - Not measuring your CX success

Earlier we mentioned that part of implementing a CX strategy is tracking and measuring results. Not doing so is a major mistake that many businesses make. Without tracking and measuring, you have no way of knowing whether your strategy works and if there are opportunities for adjustment. 

To ensure you are getting the most out of your CX strategy be sure to track important KPIs, such as NPS and CSAT

#7 - Not considering the employee experience

A good CX strategy does not mean you have to forfeit a good employee experience. In fact, the complete opposite is true for most companies - the better the employee experience, the better the customer experience

To ensure your employees don’t get lost in the shuffle while trying to prioritize your customers, be sure to implement employee management and engagement strategies that align with your CX strategy. To do this, think of your employees as your internal customers. 

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Published by Thomas Cannon September 29, 2022