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Jun 16, 2020 Thomas Cannon

How to Seamlessly Merge Employee Experience and Customer Experience

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There’s an abundance of information across the internet on the importance of both the customer experience (CX) and the employee experience, but, surprisingly, it’s fairly difficult to find information on aligning them both together.

The vast majority of businesses spend their time wondering what comes first, employees or customers. Why not both? By taking care of the employee experience, your employees will take care of the customer experience. 

In fact, a study from research company Temkin Group found a correlation between efforts in employee engagement and customer experience success. The research revealed that companies which excel at customer experience have “1.5 times as many engaged employees as customer experience laggards.”

Meanwhile, a report from McKinsey & Company found that companies with initiatives to improve their customer experience see employee engagement increase by a significant 20 percent on average. 

So, why exactly does a world-class employee experience lead to high-quality customer experiences, and how can employee experience be merged with CX? Advantage Communications answers your questions in this blog.

Why does a superior employee experience lead to an improved CX?

Customer experience is one of the most important elements to any customer service strategy, and whether you outsource your call center to an experienced contact center or have your own in-house team, engaged customer service representatives are crucial.

That’s because engaged employees are passionate about their role, and, in turn, care more deeply about resolving customer issues. 

Engaged employees will build better relationships with customers, provide a more knowledgeable service since they are passionate about your brand and the products you sell, and learn more about the innovative technologies available to them to boost their customer service performance. 

How to merge both employee and customer experience

Satisfied employees are willing to go the extra mile to create happier customers, and better customer experience initiatives lead to more engaged employees who are dedicated and passionate about their jobs. But how do you merge the two? We’ve listed just a few tips here:

Connect the dots between employee and customer feedback: Gaining valuable insight into what your customers are saying will give you the opportunity to work with agents to improve the way they work, while listening to employee feedback will empower you to improve the employee experience. Through this data you will be able to pinpoint recurring problems, identify resource constraints and use this information to transform how you deliver customer resolutions. 

Build a superior employee experience: A successful customer experience strategy starts within your own company. There’s a strong connection between employee happiness, work performance and the satisfaction of your customers. By putting your employees first through company culture, team building and professional development, your organization will be able to create a customer service strategy that’s focused on building better customer experiences. 

Implement a performance-led culture: Within your customer service department, consider building a performance-led culture where high-quality work is praised. Employees who are positive, upbeat and focussed on self-development will produce better quality work and this will be reflected in their interactions with customers. Agents who are invested into their work will keep customers engaged, and will be significantly more likely to resolve their issues. 

What is Advantage Communications doing?

Advantage Communications is passionate about putting people first, and our employees are at the very centre of our mission. Because of those values, we have created a team of highly-educated customer service representatives that become ambassadors of your brand

Through the very first training they receive with us and our unique “Client Culture” module, our agents become immersed in our clients’ products, service offering, brand values and customer service objectives. 

By creating employee experiences that help nurture passionate and committed customer service representatives, we’re able to deliver superior customer experiences for our clients.

Do you want to learn more on the importance of merging your employee experience and customer experience strategies, and how this will drive new revenues and increased loyalty for your brand? Contact Advantage Communications today. Our team of contact center experts would love to answer any questions that you have.


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Published by Thomas Cannon June 16, 2020