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Jun 18, 2019 Thomas Cannon

The Importance of the Customer Journey for Customer Service Success

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Today’s business owner knows that the customer experience (CX) is now absolutely essential to the success of their company, particularly in a marketplace that is saturated with organizations that offer incredibly similar (and often the same) products and services.

Customers no longer perceive value solely on the price and quality of the product or service they are receiving. They value every single contact that your organization has with them - from the first point of contact they have with your company, to the moment you sell them your product to every time you have contact with them thereafter.

Every single interaction your company has with a customer is part of the customer experience, and it changes their perception of your business and how satisfied they are with your offering.

Traditional customer service is no longer enough. It’s about creating a customer journey that reduces pain points for your customer, improves your relationship, and transforms one-time customers into loyal customers and brand advocates.

To do this your business needs to go above and beyond existing customer expectations by implementing a strategic plan that allows you to offer a seamless customer experience that takes into account the entire customer journey.

What is the customer journey?

The customer journey is simple, in that it looks at every single interaction that a customer has with your organization - whether it be receiving a marketing email, purchasing a product, resolving an issue or reading your website.

While most companies see the sale of a product or service as the most important interaction with a customer, the customer journey looks at the entire experience and all the smaller moments that come before and after a purchase.

The customer journey consists of a three-step process:

  1. Awareness stage: The buyer realizes they have a problem, but they do not know the solution for it.
  2. Consideration stage: The buyer defines their problem and researches options to solve it. This is the stage in which your consumer is considering all of the solution to their problems.
  3. Decision stage: The buyer has now decided on the solution they want to use and purchases it from their desired company.

What are client personas?

When thinking about the customer journey, it’s highly important that your company creates client personas - which will represent every single different customer that could possibly contact your business.

By creating in-depth client personas through research and interviews, your organization will be able to clearly understand what drives a customer to your company, why they choose to purchase from your business and what you need to do to continue to offer a superior customer experience.

Understanding this will help you to strategize your entire CX, from your customer service offering, your brand voice, the best channels to use to interact with your audience and much more.

How can an outsourced call center help your business create a seamless customer journey?

With companies across the US losing a huge $62 billion each year due to poor customer service (according to a study from Forbes), it’s clear that companies need to do more to improve their overall customer experience - that’s where a modern outsourced call center can help.

By outsourcing your customer service strategy to a company such as Advantage Communications (ACI), which goes above and beyond traditional call center offerings by creating a customer experience strategy, your business can realize a number of benefits.

ACI, for example, delivers high-quality customer service by using modern strategies such as contact center AI, self-service, omnichannel support, proactive customer service representatives, operational intelligence, live call guidance and much more.

Looking for more information about how outsourcing your customer service to a call center in Canada, serving global clients, can transform your customer experience and create loyal, satisfied customers? Contact our team of experts today. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

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Published by Thomas Cannon June 18, 2019