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May 02, 2018 Thomas Cannon

Start-ups: 4 Reasons to Outsource Your Customer Service Program

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Small businesses can have everything nailed down, from product or service to their branding, but if they don’t have reliable support from their emerging customer base, it’s more than likely they will struggle. Outsourcing your call center will give you the expertise you need for success.

Outsourcing your call center will also give you more time to concentrate on growing your business. Start-ups that implement an outsourced contact centre solution during the initial phases of their business development will see significant benefits.

If you are running a startup, here are four reasons why you should consider outsourcing customer service to a contact centre.

1 - Contact Centre Agents are Experts

Many small business are wary of hiring new employees, let alone outsourcing an entire department to a third party. However, agents hired by successful contact centres have been specifically trained and undergo rigorous review to make sure they will offer the best possible service to their client’s customers.

Not all call centres are the same, but with Advantage Communications, agents will undergo in-depth training into your company, products and services, and will know each aspect of your business inside out before they connect with your customers. Outsourcing customer service to a contact centre you trust - will you give more time to focus on increasing your market share or customer base.

2 - Technology

Gone are the days of the traditional call centre. Modern contact centres are now tech-savvy and know how to implement the latest technology to improve satisfaction and reduce customer effort. Although it sounds futuristic, AI is a technology that is being used today, it’s not a future construct. For example, Advantage Communications offers solutions that include Chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI) tools to enhance customer experience.

AI technology helps decrease human error, adapts to the new way that consumers want to be contacted (24/7 and on their own terms) and automates support and service. Chatbots, for example, are useful in various parts of the consumer experience. They provide customer service, present product recommendations, and provide advice through a direct one-on-one dialogue.

Most startups aren’t in the position to pursue the latest customer service technologies in-house, but by outsourcing this function, you can take advantage of the latest technology used by larger more established businesses in your sector.

3 - Customer Service Designed for You

A contact centre will cover all aspects of your customer service requirements. Outsourcing this service will see your payment process, sales support, general product information, complains and accounts receivable and collections all taken care of, leaving you to focus on the core elements of your business.

Outsourced solutions should be designed for the specific needs of your business. The customization of phone scripts and the product knowledge used by artificial intelligence, are just a couple of ways a contact centre can make their solution unique to your business.

4 - Affordability and Flexibility

A contact centre offers flexible solutions, which could even be on-demand services. Perhaps your startup experiences seasonal influxes, or you are simply in the early development stages of your business and you aren’t sure when customer service will be needed. A contact centre, like Advantage Communications, will offer flexible and scalable solutions that fit your growth model.

Having a flexible outsourced service provider allows your start-up to adapt to the rapid changes that come with a growing business. It also means that you will have fully-trained customer service professionals representing your brand from day one.

Startups in particular are vying for high customer satisfaction, to grow their reputation and acquire new customers. Hiring a trusted, experienced, contact centre is a move that will enhance customer experience and establish a strategic partnership for the future.

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Published by Thomas Cannon May 2, 2018