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Jul 31, 2018 Thomas Cannon

Looking to Scale Up Your Business? 4 Benefits of a Contact Center

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Are you a small to medium-sized business with ambitions of scaling up quickly? If so, you’re probably trying to avoid the possibility of overstaffing while at the same time panicking that you won’t have enough employees to deal with customer requests in the near future.

This is why outsourcing your company's call center is the perfect scalable solution

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Companies that are unequipped to deal with the fickle nature of customers will find themselves at risk of losing them, and many businesses are still not getting customer service right.

A study from SuperOffice, which surveyed more than 1,000 companies, found that only 20 per cent of businesses were able to answer a question in full on the first reply. Even worse, the average response time to handle a customer service request was 12 hours and 10 minutes.

An outsourced call center, such as Advantage Communications, has the experienced customer service agents, industry knowledge, and the innovative new technology your business needs to retain perfect customer service while scaling up.

Here are our top four benefits of scaling your business up by outsourcing your call center:

1 - Brand continuity

Once your business starts to grow, even in the initial stages, customer queries will increase and it’s likely the processes you were using before will no longer be able to keep up. The number of incoming emails will jump, phone calls will surge and wait times will become significantly longer.

Working with an outsourced contact center will ensure your customer service continues to run seamlessly and efficiently. A contact center should design a customer service solution specifically for the needs of your company, ensuring it becomes an extension of your business model and your brand.

With a dedicated team of experts and customer representatives who have experience working in a specific industry, your organization’s processes will continue to run seamlessly and your customers will continue to be satisfied with your service.

2 - An improved customer experience

If your business scales up without the help of an outsourced contact center, it’s more than likely that you will lack the necessary infrastructure and support to provide the level of service that your customers expect. This is where businesses often fail, and sales and loyal customers are lost.

If you are unable to provide customers with the level of service they expect from your company, you will soon see yourself losing both potential and loyal customers to competitors.

An outsourced contact center will ensure that your organization always has the right number of representatives in place to handle incoming queries, and go above-and-beyond what customers expect from your company.

3 - Passionate and experienced employees

It’s not that hiring full-time representatives for your company is a bad idea, but it’s risky and it’s far from cost-effective. Not only can companies save money on hiring when using a contact center, but they will have access to well-trained and the highest quality agents in any given industry.

Here at Advantage Communications, for example, our employees are the heart of what we do and their passion carries through to the clients they work for. Through training, we encourage our employees to work as brand ambassadors for your company, taking a proactive approach to meet the needs of your customers.

4 - Access to innovative new technologies

Lastly, a contact center should have the access to new technologies that will take your customer service that one step further. Technology such as omni-channel artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots, intelligent virtual agents and IT solutions will help your business to scale up with success.

Technology has advanced rapidly over the past couple of years and AI technologies have greatly improved the way customer service representatives work. At the same time, these technologies have also improved the customer experience and reduced customer effort.

New tools in AI, such as chatbots and automated self-service technologies, have freed up contact center employees from routine support tasks and allowed them to work on more complex queries that give higher-value to a company’s client.

Not only will all these benefits help improve the experience for your customers, but it will also save your business a significant amount money.

Your organization will not be required to hire each one of the necessary agents on a full-time basis, and you will not need to pay for the set up and maintenance of the state-of-the-art technologies that a contact center will implement into your customer service process.

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Published by Thomas Cannon July 31, 2018