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Feb 22, 2021 Jean-Marc Cheong

How Does Live Call Coaching Improve Customer Service Conversations?

2 Evaluating Customer Service Calls

All companies want to implement a customer service strategy that improves the customer perception of their brand, delivers seamless customer experiences and drives brand loyalty. 

A successful customer service program requires three things, highly-skilled and passionate customer service agents, innovative contact center technology that underpins the entire program and advanced analytics. 

Yet analyzing customer service performance after it’s happened simply isn’t enough - customer service performance should be analyzed in the moment, allowing customer service representatives to make changes that deliver better results. 

The agents are the heart of any customer service strategy, but the most innovative contact centers are using technology to enhance their performance and ensure they are able to deliver world-class customer experiences as a customer call is occurring.

One technology that does exactly that is live call guidance

Why customer service should calls be evaluated before they end

No matter how skilled, how well trained and how passionate a customer service agent is about your company’s product or services, there’s no doubt that they will make mistakes from time to time - after all, it’s only human to make mistakes.

Contact centers have typically tried to address this by investing heavily into agent training and post-call analytical tools to help educate their customer service representatives. 

Evaluating calls after they end is simply too late. Analyzing agent performance after a call has finished may be helpful in the long run, but it doesn’t fix the fact that a customer has just walked away from your customer service department feeling unhappy with your brand. 

So, what if there was a way to prevent mistakes from happening in the heat of the moment, right in the middle of a call? Live call guidance technology does exactly that, enhancing agent performance and ensuring they are able to avoid costly mistakes while on the phone with a customer.

What is live call guidance?

Live call guidance is a live coaching technology that provides customer service agents with real-time feedback and guidance to help them consistently deliver better results on every single call.

Using artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze phone conversations between customer service agents and customers, live call guidance is able to listen to both sides of a conversation and then use that data to visually prompt customer service agents with the most effective things to say.

Live call guidance also has the ability to show contact centers how well agents are hitting each part of a brand’s script, allowing supervisors to resolve any ongoing issues that may be affecting customer service outcomes.

What are the benefits of live call guidance?

Through the use of live call guidance technology, contact centers are able to dramatically improve the customer service results they achieve for their clients. Here are just a few of the key ways in which live call guidance can revolutionize a customer service program:

Delivering better customer experiences 

The most important aspect to any customer service strategy is to leave every customer with a lasting, and delighted, impression of your brand. Live call guidance uses AI technology to monitor customer responses and behaviour, giving agents the knowledge they need to deescalate frustrated customers, answer every question that comes up and control the call from the very second it starts in a professional and help manner. This results in faster, and superior, customer experiences. 

Contact centers can swiftly communicate script changes

Brand customer service scripts are written directly into the live call coaching platform, allowing for contact centers to swiftly communicate changes in script or customer service strategy to front line agents in a matter of seconds. This ensures consistency across customer service programs. 

It enhances agent performance, but they won’t depend on it

Through real-time prompts and updates, customer service agents have the information and insights they need to change their approach while in the middle of a customer call. This ensures agents are able to deliver world-class customer experiences on a consistent basis, leading to high conversion rates and higher-quality customer service results.

Even better, agents won’t have to rely on live call guidance, since the advanced AI technology will only make suggestions if it is 90 percent sure that it’s right.

Want more information on how live call guidance technology can help your organization to deliver superior customer service results and customer experiences that delight your customer? Contact Advantage Communications today.


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Published by Jean-Marc Cheong February 22, 2021
Jean-Marc Cheong