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Jul 26, 2018 Thomas Cannon

3 Ways to Drive Online Retail Sales with Chatbots

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Technology is moving so rapidly that it can be hard for e-commerce businesses to keep up with the latest tools. Some of those, however, can improve an organization’s customer experience and boost revenue - enter chatbots.

From purchasing clothes, ordering food to hiring a service, e-commerce has become an important part of every consumer's life. With companies now recognizing this as a significant revenue stream, and the internet widening the opportunity for the creation of even further companies, competition is now fiercer than ever. 

This means customer service is paramount. No longer can your product help you stand above the crowd, and it’s more than likely you have multiple competitors in your field. High-quality customer service will increase sales, encourage word-of-mouth and reviews, and help build a loyal customer base.

Customer service, however, is no longer about simply answering phone calls. Brands must set themselves apart with better shopping experiences, easy access to both purchase and issue resolution and an approach to customer interaction. This is where chatbots come in.

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How does a chatbot work?

Chatbots have changed the way companies approach customer service. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking chatbots are a future concept, they are being successfully implemented right now.

A chatbot is a computer program that uses AI to interact with current and potential customers. This can take place either through a chat window on a website, an app on a mobile device or by voice over the phone.

Through the use of complex algorithms, chatbots are capable of answering tier one questions, creating a back-and-forth dialogue that is similar to that of a human representative, and collate enough information from a customer to redirect a query to the relevant representative or department that can better resolve their issue.

Advantage Communications has listed three ways chatbots can help drive online sales:

1 - Reduce customer effort

Chatbots are an omnichannel solution that uses a complex algorithm to always provide the best possible service for a customer. Whether your customer is on an app on their phone, their laptop or their tablet, a chatbot will be able to connect with them. Not only does that give you more opportunities to interact with your customer, it also makes their lives easier.

Reducing customer effort is now one of the main priorities for companies. A faster, easier, seamless experience will encourage consumers to revisit your company for further products and, in turn, will encourage the creation of a loyal brand following.

2 - Available 24/7

The business world operates over multiple time zones, in different territories and with numerous competitors in each field. With companies now battling for customers, consumers are now demanding that their queries are answered immediately and at all hours of the day.

Fortunately, chatbots provide your business with this opportunity. Consumers can have a conversation with a chatbot at any time for as long as they want - chatbots simply never sleep. They are available 24/7 and 365 days of the year.

Also, don’t worry if your business has a sudden surge in customer questions. Unlike the average human that can only work on three or four tasks at any given time, chatbots are able to work on thousands of queries at the same time. If customers know they can count on your service, they will come back for more purchases.

3 - Product suggestions

Chatbots use innovative AI technologies. One of these is machine learning, which allows chatbot to collate data which can be used to accurately predict consumer outcomes. This has some significant marketing benefits.

Using this technology, chatbots are able to create a personalized approach to customers. Chatbots can use data such as customer demographics and past transaction data to create product recommendations for each individual. This automated approach to marketing will help drive online sales.

Chatbots won’t replace services or people, but they do combine perfectly with existing customer representatives to help drive online sales. They vastly improve the customer experience and allow customer service representatives to work on higher-value tasks.

Want to learn more about implementing chatbots into your customer service process, and find out more about outsourcing your call center? Contact Advantage Communications today.

Published by Thomas Cannon July 26, 2018