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Jun 28, 2019 Thomas Cannon

5 Proven Ways an Outsourced Call Center Will Reduce Repeat Calls

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We live in an immediate world, where almost everything we want is at the click of our fingertips - and the customers of your business are no different. Customers want fast and efficient customer service, with the least amount of effort involved.

If your customer service team is unable to deliver the desired assistance, one of the key signs that you are falling short will be that your company is receiving too many repeat complaints and phone calls from the same customers.

This is a problem, especially when considering most customers don’t even want to phone your company in the first place.

In fact, repeat calls are linked to low customer satisfaction ratings and high customer churn rates.

Outsourced call centers, however, have unique expertise in reducing repeat call, improving your overall customer experience (CX) and ensuring customers remain loyal to your brand. Here are five of the key ways outsourced customer service can help your organization:

1 - Develop a self-service strategy

With customers wanting instant answers from your company and 24/7 support, the easiest ways to offer this to them is by developing a self-service and omnichannel strategy in which they don’t even need to phone your organization for help.

By leveraging technology, your company’s website and social channels, you can provide your customers with all the information they’ll need to answer their own questions with minimal customer effort.

This information could be provided through blogs, a frequently-asked questions (FAQs) page, product manual, how-to videos, contact center artificial intelligence (AI) such as chatbots as well as many more methods.

2 - Identify the reasons for repeat calls

By using data to analyze previous interactions between customer service agents and customers, outsourced call centers are able to find recurring patterns and trends for customer complaints.

By finding these patterns, your company will be able to resolve existing issues (whether it’s with your product, customer service agents or a troubleshooting issue), and predict future problems that could surface.

3 - Connect customers to the right agents through AI

By using artificial intelligence to automate your company’s customer service processes, you’ll be able to realize a plethora of benefits. Perhaps one of the most effective one of those is AI’s unique ability to connect customers to the right agents that can help them.

By using complex algorithms to work out exactly what a customer needs help with and their exact issue that needs resolving, AI programs are able to redirect customer queries to the outsourced customer service representative that is best placed to efficiently and effectively answer their question - preventing the need for that customer to call your company again.

4 - Leverage live call guidance

Live call guidance is an innovative new AI technology that some outsourced call centers are leveraging to analyze phone conversations between customer service representatives and customers.

This instant and real-time feedback can help call center agents deal with any situation - whether it be issue troubleshooting, returns, order inquiries or a complaint - in their first interaction with a customer.

This helps customer service agents to ensure they rectify any mistakes before they happen, allowing them to change their script or customer service strategy in real-time as a customer conversation is taking place.

5 - Focus on FCR

This leads us nicely into our next point. To reduce your company’s repeat calls, it’s incredibly important you place an emphasis on first-call resolution (FCR) - which you can read more about in our blog, titled ‘What is First Call Resolution? 4 Best Practices to Resolve Customer Queries First Time’.

By focusing on FCR and answering your customers queries in the first contact they have with your brand, your company can significantly enhance customer satisfaction. In turn, this will create loyal customers that boost your profits.

Ready to learn more about how Advantage Communications can help reduce your repeat calls as well as more benefits that your company would realize from working with an outsourced call center in Canada, serving global clients? Contact us today for more information.

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Published by Thomas Cannon June 28, 2019