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Apr 13, 2020 Thomas Cannon

4 Ways Chatbots Are Re-inventing Customer Service

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is radically changing all types of industries and business, and none more so than IT customer service. In recent years, AI-powered chatbots have become a huge part of the customer experience.

In fact, despite chatbots being a relatively new technology, a study from Chatbots Magazine found that 67 per cent of consumers expect to either see or use messaging apps when talking to a business. 

With US businesses losing $75 billion every year through poor customer service according to NewVoiceMedia, it’s time for business owners to implement new and innovative technologies that can completely transform the customer experience and improve satisfaction levels.

The implementation of a chatbot into your customer service processes can do just that. Your business will be able to implement an omnichannel customer service strategy that focuses on reducing customer effort and quickly resolves customer queries and issues.

So, what exactly is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer software that is able to converse, and create a two-way dialogue, with a human through a live chat interface. These programs will often appear on a brands website, but they can also appear on other channels such as Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp and many more.

Simple chatbots will just deliver pre-packaged answers once a keyword has been written by the consumer, or simply transfer a customer to what it understands is the right customer service agent.

More complex chatbots, on the other hand, are powered by artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing. These innovative technologies are enabling chatbots to consistently learn and mimic human conversations, meaning consumers no longer even believe that they’re talking to a robot.

Not only that, but these AI technologies are also allowing chatbots to become more accurate in predicting outcomes, directing consumers to the correct source of information and creating personalized answers. Ultimately, your customer is left more satisfied with your company and is more likely to become brand loyal.

How are chatbots transforming the customer experience?

Artificial intelligence and chatbots are doing wonders for customer service teams across all industries, offering a range of benefits that improve efficiency, boost profits, open up revenue streams, improve the customer experience and create a personalized approach to customer service.

Advantage Communications has listed four of the key ways a chatbot improves the customer experience:

1 - 24/7 customer service

Customers could need help or an issue resolved at any hour of the day and any day of the week, and they don’t really care if your employees are in the office or not. If your customer service staff members are unavailable then your customers will be left unsatisfied.

Chatbots, on the other hand, offer customers the opportunity to have their queries answered at any time, no matter what day of the week it is. Not only will customers feel like they’re talking to a real agent through innovative AI, they will no longer have to wait days for a response.

2 - Frictionless help

Hold music is often a source of irritation for customers who want a query or issue resolved, particularly when they know that their question isn’t a complex one. This source of friction can be extinguished with chatbots.

With chatbots, no longer will customers have to wait on hold for an available agent. A chatbot can simply answer their question, or if it’s too complex then take their details and get an agent to contact them at a suitable time.

3 - Personalized customer service

Chatbots are capable of collecting customer data, and using previous customer data, to support their interactions. This means chatbots are able to personalize their approach to customer service to connect with the unique needs of that person.

This could include solving their issue based on their current needs as well as their previous interactions with the company, or even use customer demographics and past transaction data to upsell through product recommendations.

Data-driven businesses can not only product a superior customer experience in the 21st century, but also find new revenue streams.

4 - Connect with customers on their favourite platforms

We live in an omnichannel world where people are constantly communicating to each other through live chat, whether it be through text, WhatsApp, Facebook or any other platform.

Chatbots work exactly the same as these platforms, which means there’s no learning curve for the customer. They simply pick up their preferred device and talk to a chatbot the way they would communicate to any of their friends online.

Many chatbots are seamlessly integrated into the company’s website or smartphone app, which saves the customer having to actively search for the chat window. Some chatbots now even allow customers to connect with them through messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook, meaning the consumer never has to leave their favourite platform.

Despite the benefits, chatbots can be an expensive and complex technology for businesses to implement on their own. This is why many businesses outsource an outsourced contact center, especially those which are revolutionizing the industry with state-of-the-art and innovative technology.

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Published by Thomas Cannon April 13, 2020