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Mar 01, 2019 Thomas Cannon

Outsourcing Customer Service: 4 Benefits of a Canadian Contact Center

Canada flag in front of mountain landscape

For years, North American companies have been outsourcing their customer service agents to offshore call centers. The idea was to reduce the cost of labor and maximize the bottom line.

However, an increasingly competitive market has left many of these businesses losing customer loyalty. The customer experience is now crucial and in many markets, customer support is often the differentiator - equally important as the quality of your product or service.

Unfortunately, many customers have become disillusioned with the traditional offshore call centre experience. Leaving customers on hold, language issues, and not having clear omnichannel support strategies has left many organizations falling behind when it comes to customer experience.

What if your business could continue to realize the benefits of outsourcing customer support while partnering with an outsourced call center closer to home?

Advantage Communications was founded in 1996, opening its first contact center in Eastern Canada. Today, our Canadian agents and support teams operate from our headquarters in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, and Amherst, Nova Scotia.

A disruptor to the traditional call center, Advantage Communications makes use of innovative technology such as artificial intelligence, tailor-made customer experience strategies and world-renowned customer service locations to drive better results for our customers.

In a country renowned for being polite, a Canadian contact centre offers the opportunity to enhance your brand perception. Here are four advantages that your company could gain from partnering with a contact center based in Canada:

1 - A Bilingual country

Canada is naturally a bilingual country, with English and French being the two major official languages of the country. In fact, research has found that more than 35 per cent of Canadians speak more than one language.

Not only that, but the number of Prince Edward Islanders with a mother tongue that is not English or French is up almost 60 per cent since the 2011 census. That is a rate of growth close to four times the national rate, proving that linguistic and cultural diversity is ever-increasing the region.

As a result, Canadian call centers can provide a greater range of diverse customer support services. Advantage Communications, for example,supports more than 23 languages!

2 - Close proximity to major markets

Canada is in close proximity to major markets within similar time zones, allowing contact centers in the country to easily and efficiently work with high-profile clients in both Canada and North America.

This means Canadian call centers are able to work with your business closely, setting up times for meetings that work for you and even meeting in person where necessary. The major benefit of this is that Canadian contact centers can work in real-time with your business to ensure customer support strategies are perfectly tailored for your company’s need.

3 - Friendly by nature

Known for their hospitality and friendly nature, it really is true that Canadians are polite by habit. This politeness is something we are all taught from a young age, and we are told by our parents that it’s essential to life - but it’s also essential to business.

Successful customer service relies heavily on the personality of your customer support representatives - including how they address customers, how they deal with complaints and how they empathise with those calling into your business.

The naturally friendly personas of Canadian agents mean they are perfectly suited to superior customer service.

4 - Access to a highly educated workforce

Canada offers a highly educated workforce with an excellent blend of world-class education and hands-on experience. This, combined with strong local spirit and a positive attitude towards building relationships, exceptional loyalty, and genuine enthusiasm, means the country is a recipe for customer service success.

The engaged and experienced talent pool in Canada has a wide range of skills, from help-desk and technical support to sales and customer service.

Are you looking for more information about outsourcing your customer service to a call center in Canada, serving global clients? Contact our team of experts today for more information.


Published by Thomas Cannon March 1, 2019