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Apr 28, 2020 Thomas Cannon

The Ultimate Contact Center CX Tech to Meet Customers Expectations

High-quality customer service is the key to retaining a loyal customer base for any business. However, creating the kind of customer support system needed to appease every customer is easier said than done.

A key component of consistently delivering great customer service is being able to lower customer friction and decrease their hold times.

Advances in technology have been able to change and improve the customer experience - one of these new technologies is conversational AI.

Using a tool like conversational AI coaching, allows call centre customer service agents to deliver a consistently great experience for customers on every single interaction. This is a version of AI that makes conversations more human by teaching essential communication skills like empathy, questioning and active listening when customer service representatives need it most during their calls with customers.

Advantage Communications utilizes this intuitive technology in their call centers, offering the appropriate tools for their agents to provide the best service possible. Their unique Live Call Coaching technology listens to both sides of the agent/customer conversation and then prompts the agent with the best things to say based on the conversation. The overall goal is to reduce friction between the customer and the agent to make a positive experience.

The tool fully analyzes and leverages the knowledge needed to coach the customer service agents to reach new levels. The tool is able to pick up on queues when the conversation is changing and is able to prompt the agent changes to the script virtually immediately. This ensures consistency in your customer service messaging.

The live call coaching that ACI includes in their call centres helps to increase efficiency between the agents and your customers as well as positive results, both for the customer and the agent. This tool is also able to help reduce call time, callbacks, shorten handling times, and much more.

This new technology is changing the customer experience and bringing forth new expectations. It’s innovative and intuitive capabilities are helping all sorts of organizations reach their bottom line and retain their current customer base and create a path for positive reviews.

To see this amazing technology in action check out ACI’s segment on NewsWatchTV - this is a great example of how the agents are able to utilize the tool and create an overall positive customer experience.

If you are interested in learning more about how Advantage Communications can help to improve your overall customer experience please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Published by Thomas Cannon April 28, 2020