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Feb 11, 2021 Melissa Gilbertson

How Operational Intelligence Drives Contact Center Agent Performance

Operational Intelligence

Today’s most successful outsourced contact centers are using innovative technologies and state-of-the-art tools to deliver world-class customer experiences (CX) within their client’s customer service programs.

In fact, providing a superior customer experience now relies heavily on the technology you use in your customer service strategy. According to a Forrester survey, some 93 percent of companies consider intelligent technology as necessary to reaching their digital transformation goals. 

Here at Advantage Communications Inc. (ACI), for example, we use a range of technology to improve contact center agent performance, drive new innovations in customer experience and to ensure our clients realize their customer service KPIs.

One of our technology solutions is The Sightline Advantage, a real-time operational intelligence solution that provides easily accessible data to help drive agent performance and transform our client’s customer service offering. 

What is operational intelligence?

Operational intelligence is a real-time technology that clearly displays the data points and KPIs that matter most to each client. Through the use of easily visible and accessible icons, operational intelligence technology tracks KPIs and makes them accessible to both agents and supervisors in real time. 

Contact center agents and supervisors can use operational intelligence to better understand customer service program data. By evaluating how agents are performing and where they are performing well, agents and supervisors can make real-time changes that lead to better outcomes.

Rather than time-consuming and ineffective weekly performance reviews, the use of operational intelligence technology means contact centers can ensure ongoing performance improvements are built into the day-today management of their client’s customer service programs. 


What are the benefits of operational intelligence?

Through the use of operational intelligence, contact centers have a solution based on in-the-moment feedback that allows them to make insightful business decisions that improve your company’s customer service strategy.

Here are just a few of the top benefits that operational intelligence leads to:

Improved agent performance

By analyzing and displaying data in real-time, operational intelligence provides call center agents with all the information they need to improve their performance. Customer service representatives will be able to see exactly how they are performing, and how they need to improve to meet their targets. This encourages them to be more efficient, more productive, as well as empowering them to self-govern their own work. 

Contact center supervisors gain clear visibility into agent performance

With operational intelligence, contact center supervisors are clearly able to see in real-time exactly how agents are performing. As a result, they’ll have clear visibility into which agents need praise and which agents could benefit from targeted training. 

No more time-consuming evaluations

The use of operational intelligence means contact centers no longer have to spend their time evaluating metrics, KPIs and performance data long after the event has happened. By using real-time operational intelligence they can clearly understand complex issues and make real-time decisions that improve your customer service program in the moment.

Operational intelligence saves your business money

Best of all, operational intelligence saves contact centers money - which means outsourcing your customer service strategy is more cost-effective. Operational intelligence can help save customer service agents up to eight hours a week, lowering overhead costs and ensuring customer service teams run more efficiently. 

Want to find out how much money your business can save by outsourcing its customer service strategy to a highly-skilled contact center that uses operational intelligence to drive agent productivity and supervisor efficiency? Check out our cost savings calculator

Call Center Efficiency Calculator

Alternatively, contact one of our customer experience experts today. We would love to help.


Published by Melissa Gilbertson February 11, 2021
Melissa Gilbertson