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Jun 21, 2022 Jean-Marc Cheong

What Is Call Center Voice Analytics and How Does it Help My Business?

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Call center voice analytics, also called speech analytics, reviews voice recordings and live conversations to provide quality assurance, compliance support - giving call centers and contact centers unique customer service insights that lead to a competitive advantage.

Voice analytics uses contact center AI software to transcribe and review audio files. One of its key functions is to detect common words and phrases. It can then produce reports letting you know how often certain words or phrases are said. 

If you need to review the call yourself so that you can understand the use of the word or phrase in context, it can quickly bring you to the proper place in the transcription or queue up the call to the exact place you need to start listening.  

But voice analytics don’t just stop there. Newer technology can also detect customer emotions. This can give better insight into agent performance, and help organizations get to the true core of their customer service issues. This is especially effective in real-time phone calls as it can provide insights into how the customer is feeling. If it senses stress, anger or certain phrasing, the system can alert supervisors, so they are ready to provide support. 

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While your staff could do all of this manually, there’s only so much time in the day. That means that your team is probably only reviewing a small percentage of conversations, which can lead to knowledge gaps. 

Voice analytics can review up to 100 percent of calls and flag conversations and exchanges that may need further review. This allows your team to use their time more constructively. 

Here are three ways that voice analytics can help your business … 

1 - Customer satisfaction

If there’s a sudden spike in a specific topic or issue, it may not be obvious to you and your team. Especially when calls are spread out over different departments and team members. Voice analytics will review all your calls and quickly pick up on any trending keywords and issues.

It can also be an effective tool in understanding the true source of the customer's frustration by detecting emotions. Even the best agents sometimes let their emotions and personal situation get the best of them. That can cause them to project their own feelings and frustrations onto what someone else is saying. This can result in a poor customer experience.  

With the help of voice analytics during or after the call, your team can focus on the real issues. This will help you resolve them quicker and find long-term solutions to help improve your customer’s overall satisfaction.  

2 - Compliance

From conducting proper identity check for security to providing the correct information, it’s important that your team follows procedures. 

As we mentioned before, you could review calls manually for compliance issues. But chances are your team would only be able to review a small sample of each rep’s calls. Voice analytics can review every call in less time to help pinpoint possible issues for your compliance team to review. This could include conversations where there were long periods of silence, people interrupting one another, agents raising their voice or missed verification questions. 

3 - Customer insights

Not only can voice analytics help with pinpoint the source of customer issues, but it can also provide other important insights as well. That’s because it can help summarize what customers are saying and identify trends. This could include features that customers ask about, obstacles to converting and information on why customers are mentioning competitors. All of this can then be repurposed to provide a better product/service and experience.   

For more information on how voice analytics can help your business and how we use them at ACI to provide the best customer service experience possible, please contact our team

Published by Jean-Marc Cheong June 21, 2022
Jean-Marc Cheong