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Jun 05, 2018 Thomas Cannon

Client Story: Improving the CX of a Large Automotive Manufacturer

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Customer experience is built on positive brand perception, and that's why many companies are now turning to call center outsourcing. Organizations, large and small are re-evaluating how they measure customer service, and branding, as part of larger efforts to improve customer experience.

“Taking the time to make sure every step of a customer’s journey is strong will create good perceptions and make it more likely customers will come back and tell their friends about your company. Customer perception is fragile and can change with each interaction, so constantly maintaining a strong customer experience is of utmost importance.” Blake Morgan, Forbes.com. 

Even large enterprises know they can’t do it all in-house.

Making use of a BPO with expertise in customer service, and the associated quality assurance metrics and workflows, can fast-track improvements and address a company’s lack of internal resources.

Advantage Communications worked with Hyundai Auto Canada to improve customer experience and implement an innovative quality assurance program.

Hyundai Auto Canada was founded in 1983, and is known for building affordable cars that offer great value. The Hyundai Motor company is the fifth-largest automobile supplier in the world, and produces around 3.9 million vehicles per year and sells throughout 186 countries.

Hyundai has a vast network in Canada of 210 dealerships nationwide. They identified the need for implementing measurable quality processes to standardize and continuously improve customer interactions.

Hyundai Auto Canada initially hired Advantage Communications to audit its correspondence emails between the customer service team and clients. However, the quality of the monitoring relationship meant that our role soon grew to include reviewing communications with the company’s parts and distributions centre, as well as its mystery shopping.

Based on our experience in the automotive world, combined with the quality assurance monitoring processes it utilizes internally, Advantage was able to offer a complete solution. The solution assessed and reported on the interactions and allowed for suggestions, as well as offering a valuable external perspective.

Advantage implemented the program by working closely with department managers and analyzing the company’s specific needs. Forms were developed and criteria set, establishing the groundwork of a new and measurable program.

One full-time employee was dedicated to the Hyundai Auto Canada audit project at the beginning of the program. The project then expanded, and an exclusive team of agents were selected based on Hyundai Canada’s need for a unique and reliable perspective on evaluations.

As the project expanded, it was essential that we scaled our solution with additional auditors, increased data storage and reporting. Our ability to scale to Hyundai’s needs kept the project running smoothly and seamlessly.

Advantage Communications is now the resource that Hyundai Auto Canada turns to for quality and “outside-of-the-box” solutions. As a result, the project expanded from only email correspondence to a variety of communication platforms: email, phone, and mystery shopping; across multiple departments and dealerships throughout Canada.

Agent quality monthly averages have improved significantly since Advantage first initiated the quality assurance program, from 85 percent (below passing), to 95% (above passing) in a little over six months.

Our expertise helped Hyundai establish measurable values and coaching procedures, allowing for the career pathing and development of Hyundai Auto Canada customer service agents.

“Advantage Communications worked with me to offer a program that is unique to our business requirements. They have collaborated and provided insight to deliver the best product for our company.” Customer Relations Manager, Hyundai Auto Canada Find out how we can help your business develop and improve your customer’s experience.

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Published by Thomas Cannon June 5, 2018