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Feb 14, 2019 Thomas Cannon

Why Using Real-Time Data Helps Brands Win at Customer Experience

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The digital economy and the evolution of new technologies are changing the way B2C companies must serve and engage their customers. Those which keep up with new trends will not only realize significant benefits but will also be able to provide a superior customer experience (CX).

However, this doesn’t mean that your business can simply implement some new and expensive customer-facing technologies into its operations in the hope that it will drive innovation.

Each technology you use as a business must fit clearly into your corporate strategy, with a plan on how it will positively impact the overall customer experience.

Companies who look further than fancy customer-facing technologies and leverage real-time data to deliver better customer experiences will not only be able to revolutionize their customer experience, but also drive efficiencies within their customer service team and boost profits.

Real-time data will revolutionize the customer experience

If you’re still reading, it is likely that your organization is looking at ways in which it can improve customer service through a digital transformation.

You’re not alone. In fact, a report from Experian titled ‘Master the Customer Experience’, found that the customer experience is cited as the top objective for digital transformation by more than three-quarters of businesses today (76 per cent).

So, how can your company make use of real-time data to digitally transform the customer experience? Let’s first take a quick look at what most companies are doing wrong.

The phone is the oldest and most personal customer service channel still available, and this is still the favoured point of customer service for the majority of companies, both big and small. While customer service over the phone is not set to change anytime in the future, the same can’t be said for customer expectations.

Customers now expect instant resolutions. They are no longer willing to wait on hold for 30 minutes while your team finds the appropriate customer service agent, who then spends another 30 minutes trying to resolve the issue. Many customer service teams are still yet to recognize this, and even the ones that have still operate with inefficient processes that they just can’t get right.

One foot put wrong by your customer service agent, or an issue that takes too long to resolve, and you can wave goodbye to that customer. This is where a data-driven approach is essential.

By leveraging real-time customer data through operational intelligence technology, your organization can empower agents with real-time information and feedback that enables them to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

The benefits of real-time data are great. Advantage Communications has listed some key advantages here:

  • Make use of customer data to understand your customer behaviour, which in turn can be used to make meaningful decisions that optimize their experience.
  • Fast issue resolution that satisfies the increased demand for quick customer service.
  • It gives your customer service representatives the knowledge they need to deal with a customer’s specific problem, quickly, easily, and with minimal customer effort.
  • Promoting self-governance in agents by providing goal tracking an real-time data performance feedback.
  • And much more!

What are the challenges associated with a data-driven approach?

While this may sound fairly straightforward, embracing the digital transformation of your company’s operations is easier said than done. Without the technology and tools needed to provide agents with real-time data, the digital transformation of your customer service team is almost impossible.

On top of that, investing and implementing technology into your back-end operations can be an expensive and complex endeavour, and may even require your organization to completely transform your current processes.

Thankfully, there is a solution. By outsourcing you call center to an expert which uses state-of-the-art and innovative technology, your company will have access to real-time data tools and expert help at the fraction of the cost.

At Advantage Communications, our passionate agents are empowered to provide your customers with the best experience possible through our use of innovative real-time data and our proprietary CRM.

Are you looking for more information about outsourcing your customer service to a call center in Canada, serving global clients? Contact us today.

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Published by Thomas Cannon February 14, 2019