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Nov 18, 2020 Thomas Cannon

Digitizing Back-end Systems Will Drive Customer Experience (CX)

Digitizing Customer Experience

To win the digital race and jump ahead of their competitors, many organizations are transforming their front-end systems and offering the latest and most innovative technologies to ensure their customers are both satisfied and loyal.

However, many organizations, both small and large alike, are dividing the most important aspects of their business into two buckets - front end (customer-facing) and back end (everything else). 

For many businesses the front-end is often shiny and presentable, while the back-end can be inefficient, outdated and impractical. However, digitizing your company’s back-end system can have significant benefits for your organization’s customer experience (CX).

The customer experience is becoming increasingly important in an ecommerce world where many organizations have the same product and service. As a result, many businesses are starting to realize that they need to rely on powerful and integrated back-end systems if they are to provide superior customer service.

Why is the back-end important?

Many organizations believe that the back end is unimportant. The customer doesn’t see the back end, so why put the effort and money into digitizing it when no customer will be exposed to it? Surely your employees can just make the back-end work, right?

Take this for example. You have a customer whose item is yet to ship, so they reach out to your customer service call center either by phone or through your online chat system. Since your back-end is not digitized your contact center agent doesn’t know the exact problem, meaning they can’t give a clear answer. They instead blame the problem on another department within your business, leaving the customer frustrated and wondering why your company doesn’t operate as a single team.

This creates friction in your organization’s customer experience. If a customer feels any sign of friction in your customer service there’s a high chance that they will never do business with you, the customer experience is now essential to your company’s success.

In the end, this customer is likely to move on to your competitors until they find a company that offers a better customer experience. This wasn’t the fault of your customer service agent as they simply didn’t have the back-end information to answer the question.

Your contact center agent is the front line of your business. Without the tools and information they need to keep your customer satisfied, there’s no way that your company can possibly provide a superior customer experience.

What are the benefits of digitizing your back-end?

We’re not saying that optimizing front-end and customer-facing processes is a bad thing, far from it. These technologies can make the life of your customer easier and improve their overall experience with your company.

However, these technologies must coincide with improvements in your back-end system. There is virtually no point investing so much into digitizing your front-end technologies if you’re still using the same back-end system you were 20 years ago.

You business can realize a number of significant benefits from digitizing its back-end system, including:

  • Better employee productivity.
  • Improved customer service.
  • Lower operational costs.
  • Improved processes and efficiencies.
  • An increase in revenue.
  • Automated technology gives employees more time to work on higher value tasks, offering more value for your customers.
  • Better alignment and communication between each department within your business.
  • A super customer experience.

Simply put, the better your back-end technologies and processes the better your front-end and consumer facing teams will perform. This results in happier customers and a seamless customer experience.

Ready to learn more about the importance of back-end digitization and how your company can offer a superior customer experience with an outsourced call center? Contact Advantage Communications today for more information.


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Published by Thomas Cannon November 18, 2020