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Surge in Both eCommerce Online Shopping and Customer Service

Posted by Randy Clapp on May 26, 2020

Surge in eCommerce and Customer Service

Emarsys and GoodData’s ecommerce tracking shows revenue up 37% and orders up 54% in April, as the US emerges from Covid lockdowns. The boom in online shopping is expected to transform consumer behaviour forever, as more consumers find they can acquire products they need without visiting brick and mortar locations. 

For retailers everywhere, there is a seismic shift to online revenue. Retailers who are able to scale quickly and have mature ecommerce processes for fulfillment and delivery, will capitalize on the surge.

Scaling for an ecommerce boom means more than getting products quickly in the hands of customers. It also means scaling the accompanying service.

Consumers accustomed to ordering online, have expectations on a frictionless experience and may require customer support less frequently. But, when they do need help they want it right away, they want advice and resolution provided by a knowledgeable and responsive agent. And if they don’t have a good experience they’re off to the nearest competitor. They are also more acquainted with leaving online reviews, good or bad.

The surge in ecommerce isn’t just from experienced online shoppers stuck at home. Out of necessity, shoppers who resisted purchasing online in the past, are becoming familiar and more confident about shopping online. These shoppers require more custom service, more advice, and have more questions about ordering.

Is your ecommerce customer service ready to scale?

In an article in Forbes, ‘How Covid-19 is Transforming E-Commerce’, Louis Columbus, Principal at IQMS, wrote;

“E-Commerce and online retailers' supply chains, order management, and fulfillment systems are all being tested by the triple-digit order and revenue growth going on today. And best of all, more energy and intensity is being put into improving customer experiences online.”

So along with supply chain planning for increased volume of online orders - companies need to address scalability in their customer service.

We can help with that!

Advantage Communications specialize in building scalable solutions for many types of business including retail and pure-play ecommerce. We have achieved excellence in scaling inbound customer service solutions and technical support for companies that need to ramp-up quickly or unexpectedly. ACI frequently implements contact center solutions, from 50 FTE’s day 1 - and importantly with great success in full brand continuity! Technology such as chatbots, IVA (Intelligent Virtual Agents) & AI - is totally conducive to scaling solutions.

To build customer loyalty during the rapid expansion of online shopping you need to regard customer service as a priority along with order fulfillment. 

Advantage Communications is a strategic partner for companies in the retail sector who need to scale fast and offer an optimized experience for online shopping. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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Randy Clapp

Written by Randy Clapp

Randy Clapp has sold over $1 billion in the services industry working with leaders such as Hewlett-Packard, Electronic Data Systems, CompuCom and Avis Rental Car. He received EDS’ Inner Circle Award as one of the company’s top 100 performers, as well as the Top Leader Award with CompuCom. He earned his Bachelor Degree in Business Management and Economics from Northwood University. Randy Clapp attributes his success to: “…showing clients how to make or save money in ways they never thought possible”.

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