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How Call Centers Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Enhance, Not Replace Humans

Posted on Nov 29, 2019 | Topics: Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence (AI) has long been a controversial subject. The phrase often comes with the worry that companies will completely change the way they internally operate, investing in robots over humans. This couldn’t be further from ...

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Customer Service: What is Call Center Outsourcing?

Posted on Nov 19, 2019 | Topics: Contact Center
No matter what industry you’re in, customer service is one of the most important functions for the success of your business. A great customer service experience can create a loyal customer for life, while a bad one could drive a customer ...

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What is Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) and How is it Measured?

Posted on Oct 31, 2019 | Topics: Customer Service Trends
Today’s business world is highly competitive. No matter what industry your business is in, or whether it’s a start-up or enterprise, it’s highly likely that you will be competing with a large number of companies selling similar products or ...

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How to Ramp-up Your Customer Service for the Retail Holiday Season with Outsourced Help

Posted on Oct 24, 2019 | Topics: Contact Center
Statistics from the National Retail Foundation found that a staggering 20 to 40 percent of yearly sales for small and mid-sized retailers take place within the last two months of the year. Additionally, a study from LiveChat found that on ...

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What is After-Call Work (ACW) and Why is it Important in Outsourced Customer Service?

Posted on Oct 9, 2019 | Topics: Customer Service Trends
Today’s business world is saturated with competition. That’s why the customer experience (CX) is one of your organization’s biggest assets when it comes to satisfying your customers and creating a loyal customer base. In fact, research ...

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