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Outsourced Call Center Trends That Will Revolutionize Customer Service

Today’s business world is saturated with competition. That’s why a world-class customer service strategy is one of your organization’s biggest assets when it comes to satisfying customers and creating a loyal customer base.

In fact, customer service is now a differentiator. Companies which offer high-quality customer service and customer experience (CX) are far more likely to succeed than those who do not.

Unfortunately, however, modern customer service strategies are not only expensive to implement in the current marketplace - they are complex. That’s because customer service now relies on expensive and highly-specialized techniques and technology. 

Why is customer service so important? Because failure to deliver a superior customer experience only leads to customers looking elsewhere for your products or services.

That’s why many organizations are outsourcing their customer service programs to expert outsourced call centers, which are highly experienced in delivering superior customer experiences.

By partnering with a professional outsourced contact center, your business will have access to the latest technologies and resources needed to delight customers and drive profits. Here are five call center trends that could revolutionize your company’s customer service in 2020.

A study from Dimensional Research found 52 percent of consumers say they have made an additional purchase from a company after a positive customer service experience. Meanwhile, figures released by Bain found a 5 percent increase in customer retention can produce a staggering 25 percent more profit.

Call Centers Will Transition From a Transactional to an Experiential Journey

The customer experience (CX) is now absolutely essential to the success of any company. Today’s marketplace is populated with organizations that offer incredibly similar (and often the same) products and services, making it incredibly hard for your organization to stand out. 

Customers no longer perceive value solely on the price and quality of the product or service they are receiving. They value every single contact that your organization has with them - from the first point of contact they have with your company, to the moment you sell them your product and every time you have contact with them thereafter.

Every single interaction your company has with a customer is part of the customer experience, and it changes their perception of your business and how satisfied they are with your offering.

Experiential Journey

In fact, a study from Gartner believes customer experience is the new battleground for brands, with 89 percent of businesses now expected to compete on customer experience as opposed to their product or service.

Traditional customer service is no longer enough. It’s about creating a customer journey that reduces pain points for your customer, improves your relationship, and transforms one-time customers into loyal customers and brand advocates.

To do this your business needs to go above and beyond existing customer expectations by implementing a strategic plan that allows you to offer a seamless customer experience that takes into account the entire customer journey.

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AI as an Augmentation to Humans

AI as an Augmentation to HumansArtificial Intelligence (AI) is a controversial subject. It often comes with a worry that workers will lose their jobs and companies will have to implement new processes and ways of operating.

This couldn’t be further from the truth, especially when it comes to outsourced call center AI. These new technologies are changing the game for many organizations’ customer service strategies by automating time-consuming, repetitive tasks that allows live agents to focus on more important tasks.

In the modern-day contact center, artificial intelligence is an augmentation to humans - not a replacement. 


How will call centers use AI in 2020?

By using artificial intelligence to automate your company’s customer service processes, you’ll be able to realize a plethora of benefits. To do this, call centers use a variety of AI technologies to enhance the way their agents work. Two of the most valuable technologies you can expect to see throughout 2020 include virtual agents and live call guidance...

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A Growth in Stay at Home Agents

Stay at Home AgentsToday, we live in a connected world where workers are able to work for the brands they love from any corner of the globe. That’s why the contingent workforce, which is made up of contractors, freelancers and consultants, now makes up a staggering 30 percent of the entire US Workforce. 

In fact, a new study from Staffing Industry Analysts, titled ‘The US Gig Economy’, found that US revenue in the gig economy totalled $1.3 trillion in 2018 - with the workforce making up around 53 million workers.

The great thing is that this isn’t restricted to any particular industry. Writers can work from home, business executives can work on the road, marketers can offer advice from a different country - almost any industry can benefit from remote workers.

That’s why across 2020 we will start to see innovative outsourced call centers making the most of this flexible, agile and educated workforce to leverage the power of stay-at-home agents and complement the expertise of their existing in-house workforce.


How can stay-at-home agents complement your existing outsourced customer service strategy?

There are a huge number of benefits that your organization will realize from using stay-at-home agents to complement your call center’s customer service strategy. These include:

  • The ability to scale rapidly.
  • They are passionate about your company.
  • Agents with extensive work experience.
  • Access agents anywhere in the world.
  • Optimum performance levels.
  • Round-the-clock customer care.

Advantage Communications has introduced an at-home agent solution with a network of more than 150,000 agents and over 23 languages spoken.

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A Shift Towards Cloud-Based Technologies

Whether you run a small, medium or large business, it’s more than likely you’ve heard of cloud-based computing. In fact, it’s likely that you even use it within your organization.

Cloud computing offers a range of benefits from increased savings, business efficiencies, easy scalability and much more, giving your company a competitive advantage within your industry. 

An increasing number of outsourced call centers are moving away from physical hardware and adopting cloud computing software to improve their internal processes. This is a trend we will see continue to grow in 2020. 

A study from DMG Consulting found more than 62 percent of organizations have migrated to a cloud call center software solution, with 46 percent of the companies that haven’t yet done so considering a move to the cloud soon. 

Cloud-Based Technology

Cloud technology helps contacts to run more efficiently, improve customer service strategies, enhance customer experience methods and helps customer service representatives to be more productive.


What does cloud-based technology offer?

Call centers that adopt cloud-based systems in 2020, will access a range of benefits that can be passed on to their clients. These include:

  • Seamless and rapid scalability to deal with peaks in business demand and seasonal spikes.
  • New softwares and technologies can be added instantly to maintain competitive advantages.
  • Faster performing agents since physical hardware will not be trying to keep up with data-intensive software.
  • Downtime is almost nonexistent. Loss of internet or catastrophic events won’t impact operations since cloud-based software can be accessed anywhere, from any device with an internet connection. 
  • More cost-effective, and these savings will be passed back on to a call center’s clients.
  • Increased security measures that protect your company’s data from cybercrime. 
  • All patches and upgrades are handled by the cloud provider, meaning innovative call center software is always up to date. 

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Increased Focus on the Service-Profit-Chain-Model

Service-Profit Chain ModelDue to a huge shortage in skilled workers, employees in the current marketplace have more choice in regards to who they work for. Employees are now seeking an enjoyable place to work, rather than solely looking at career development and remuneration. 

Company culture is a huge selling point, and can make an outsourced call center an “employer of choice” or a company to avoid. Call centers that want to hire the best talent in their industry, absolutely must make employee happiness and engagement a key part of their strategy.

A great company culture will help to ensure a call center is efficient, productive, profitable, has room for growth and much more. Through happy customer service agents, your company will be set up perfectly to wow your clients, drive revenue growth and expand your business.

A high-quality company culture helps companies realize benefits such as:

  • Employees’ overall ratings of their company’s qualities - like collaboration, work environment, as well as mission and value alignment - are 20 percent higher at companies with strong cultures (CultureIQ).
  • Companies with strong cultures saw a four times increase in revenue growth (Forbes).
  • 94 percent of executives and 88 percent of employees believe a distinct workplace culture is important to business success (Deloitte).

Happy and engaged employees are the very foundation of any business, and this is particularly true for customer support teams. 

Engaged customer service employees will build better relationships with customers, provide a more knowledgeable service, come across as passionate for your brand, work with improved efficiency - all this allows them to take on the role as brand ambassadors for your organization. 

In fact, a study from Gallup, “The State of the American Workplace”, found employees who are engaged with their workplace are more likely to improve customer relationships, with a resulting 20 percent increase in sales.

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Customer service strategies are changing dramatically. It’s no longer enough to simply hire a few customer service agents and ask them to answer the phone when a customer query comes through. 

Your customer service department now needs to plan the customers’ entire journey. High-quality customer service is about providing a second-to-none customer experience that wows your customer, and keeps them coming back to your brand time and time again.

To do this, however, your company needs to invest. You’ll need highly advanced technologies, you’ll need expert workers wide a wide range of specialized skills, you’ll need to train employees in CX and you’ll have to constantly update customer service strategies and technologies to stay competitive. 

Due to the investment and expertise needed, this simply isn’t possible for most organizations. 

By outsourcing your customer service strategy to a modern call center, you’ll have access to highly talented workers, innovative technologies and customer service strategies that will revolutionize the way you engage with customers. 

Whatever outsourced call center you decide to choose in 2020, make sure they’re implementing these crucial trends that drive customer satisfaction and profitability. 


Contact Advantage Communcations Inc.

Advantage Communications Inc. (ACI) is a leading North American Contact Center outsourced service provider of Tech Support, IT Helpdesk and Customer Service. ACI provides smarter, more efficient outsourced BPO solutions that are custom-designed to be an extension of your business model and your brand. 

ACI’s contact centers are located in bilingual Eastern Canada, Mexico and nearshore Jamaica, to provide scalable solutions, reliable business continuity, and the best-branded customer experience across the board. 



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5 Outsourced Call Center Trends That Will Revolutionize Your Customer Service.

A study by Dimensional Research found that 52% of consumers say they have made an additional purchase from a company after a positive customer service experience.

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