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Customers today are willing to pay up to a 16 percent price premium for a great customer experience. What’s worse, is that 32 percent of customers are willing to walk away from a brand they love because of just one bad experience. 



Our skilled teams helped to reduce unnecessary transfer by roughly 70 percent. With their expertise, agents are able to decrease dispatches by 15 percent, saving Eastlink a significant amount of money. 

We are proud to maintain NPS scores of 40-55 in the various lines of business and among the industry best in Canada. The program grew from overnight staff of five to 225 FTEs.

  • Outsourced tier 2 staff reduced by 37 percent and Eastlink internal tier 2 was also downsized.

  • NPS jumped to 42, an increase of 69 percent.

  • Customers served by multi-skilled “super-agent”.

  • Up to 90 percent savings in continuing education and training costs.

Advantage Communications delivers exceptional support to our customers. Our partnership is a natural fit, we’re both Maritime companies that share the same philosophy when it comes to our customers, that is to deliver the best care and support possible.
deborah shaffner
Deborah Shaffner, President at Eastlink.




PNI Digital Media provides support to businesses globally in digital media such as photo finishing, business and social stationary, among other services. Key partners include Costco, Sam’s Club, CVS/pharmacy, Walmart Canada, Black’s Photo, Loblaw’s, Fujifilm, Kodak, Marks and Spencer's and many more.

The company provides support to its retail partners’ customers via phone, web forms, and live chat in English and French - seven days a week. Customer inquiries range from product and promotion queries, to how to create albums, troubleshooting and assisting software applications, placing orders and order status.


We provide our clients' customers with the self-service experience they expect, combined with professional live agent support when needed.

We design holistic customer service programs that ensure no matter how your customers contact you, they’ll leave satisfied.



To offer the best support possible, Advantage Communications created a fully-customized CRM tool to meet the client’s specifications. The CRM tool, named RUBI, is easily accessible from a mobile device and allows the user to manage tickets, see the queues and maintain and update through their smartphone or tablet.

ACI trained customer service agents on the technical support elements of PNI’s software. 

Our agents were able to assist clients with troubleshooting help but also establish a rapport and work together to help the client create a finished product they were pleased with.

The Results:

  • ACI’s CRM tool, RUBI, is able to easily provide the client with customer analytics and business intelligence to help them improve their product and service delivery.

  • To help PNI with their cost-saving endeavor, ACI was able to have the Kingston, Jamaica contact center up and running within 30 days to support PNI’s peak season.

  • PNI’s peak seasons occur during Christmas within a three-week period. ACI was able to meet this extreme increase in volume via a combination of creative scheduling strategies along with a carefully planned out expansion of their workforce, which grows each year by about 550 percent.

ACI, thanks for the unique opportunity to be involved in the launch of your new location in Kingston, Jamaica. The decision to blend our support solution between Canada and Jamaica was an important one. The processes and leadership involvement we’ve come to know of ACI has most definitely carried over to the Caribbean.
image (5)
André Blanchard, Senior Director of Operations at PNI Digital Media.




Hyundai Auto Canada, since its inception in Canada in 1983, has been known for building affordable cars that offer great value. The Hyundai Motor Company is the fifth-largest automobile supplier in the world. It produces about 3.9 million vehicles per year and sells in 186 countries.

Initially, Hyundai Auto Canada hired Advantage Communications to audit its correspondence emails between the customer service team and Hyundai clients. The quality monitoring relationship with Hyundai Auto Canada, later grew to include auditing their parts and distribution center and mystery shopping.

Based on previous experience in the automotive vertical, combined with the quality assurance monitoring processes utilized internally, ACI was able to offer a complete solution that assessed and reported on the interactions and allowed for suggestions and a valuable perspective.


We provide our clients' customers with the self-service experience they expect, combined with professional live agent support when needed.

We design holistic customer service programs that ensure no matter how your customers contact you, they’ll leave satisfied.



What began with the intention of being a “foot-in-the-door” scenario, to establish a relationship with a large and renowned brand, has become a successful, long-term relationship. ACI is the resource that Hyundai Auto Canada turns to for quality and “outside-of-the-box” solutions, which is how the project has expanded from only email correspondence to the present variety of email, phone, and mystery shopping across multiple departments and nationwide dealerships.

Original mystery shopping results were presented to the Regional Management and based on the positive feedback of the program, Hyundai Canada chose to expand the program nationally.

Agent quality averages have improved significantly from the time ACI initiated the quality assurance program. Monthly averages started out at 85 percent (below passing) and in a little over six months, averages were 95 percent (above passing). This has resulted in an improved customer experience for their end users.

Measurable values and coaching procedures were put in place to allow for career pathing and development of Hyundai Auto Canada customer service agents.

Advantage Communications worked with me to offer a program that is unique to our business requirements. They have collaborated and provided insight to deliver the best product for our company.

Customer Relations Manager at Hyundai Auto Canada.