By Thomas Cannon on April 09, 2019

ACI Unveils New At-Home Agents Designed to Boost Customer Experience

This new service is aptly named The Home Advantage and is designed to complement Advantage Communication’s brick-and-mortar agents to build an unstoppable team of experienced, qualified and proven brand advocates for any company.

[Charlottetown, PEI, Canada - April 08 2019] Advantage Communications Inc. (ACI), a top Canadian contact center, has launched a new service - The Home Advantage -  that will allow companies to extend their customer service in 23 different languages with a network of 150,000+  at-home agents working with ACI’s outsourced customer service programs.

At-home agents can be selected by the language they provide, the brands they have experience working with, and specific geographic regions or time zones. At-home agents are taken through a specific training process that will ensure they offer a superior customer experience for both consumer and B2B brands looking to enhance their traditional contact center customer service capabilities with rapid scalability.

“Our new at-home agent service, The Home Advantage, is a really exciting development that is available immediately for all of our clients,” said Randy Clapp, Chief Revenue Officer at Advantage Communications Inc. “When at-home service agents are combined with in-house contact center agents, we can offer so many new service capabilities such as rapid scalability in times of peak demand, access to in-home agents who have previous brand experience in locations that best suit client needs, and 24/7 customer care solutions. Our Home Advantage service is a great addition to any existing customer service BPO solution that is currently in place.”

Our new Home Advantage technology provides our BPO customers access to an at-home agent network that is managed by Advantage Communications and is 100 percent virtual, with no geographical barriers. By crowdsourcing specific client requirements, ACI’s clients will be able to access the best possible customer experience, extraordinary levels of customer service and the brand advocacy of at-home brand experts globally, in every conceivable industry.

If you would like more information about The Home Advantage or other contact center programs and technologies that Advantage Communications offers, please contact Randy Clapp at

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Published by Thomas Cannon April 9, 2019