By Thomas Cannon on July 16, 2019

ACI Adopts AR & AI Technology "Sightline Advantage™"

Sightline Advantage is a new technology that transforms call center operational performance by creating behavioral awareness in agent performance driving self-correction and better quality customer engagement, resulting in a >20% increase in agent productivity.

[Charlottetown, PEI, Canada, July 16, 2019] One of North America's leading call centers, Advantage Communication Inc. (, has Powered Up its operations by integrating a new innovative technology to enhance call center agent productivity - resulting in a better return on customer service performance metrics.

Sightline Advantage™ uses augmented reality (AR), and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to provide real-time feedback to call center agents, allowing them to make real-time adjustments to their performance. In turn, this helps agents deliver superior customer service, and ensures agents are constantly striving to improve and learn new skills to increase their personal performance.

Sightline Advantage™ technology creates agent behavioral awareness to drive self-correction and engagement. This behavioural awareness adjustment leverages the human instinct to do better and improve performance, which can lead to a 20 percent increase in agent productivity, going straight to the client's bottom-line.

Speaking about the new technology, Randy Clapp, Chief Revenue Officer at Advantage Communications, said "Sightline Advantage consolidates every metric and report into one easy-to-use data visualization, updated in real-time, so our contact center managers can work more effectively with individual performance issues and they can easily see what is happening on the floor. Agents know exactly what they need to do to succeed, and are further encouraged with a built in reward system."

Randy adds, "this process of measuring individual and team agent productivity was previously a cumbersome task using a large spreadsheet of data where quick visibility into live performance metrics was impossible. Now we are able to visually track the overall score of agents using augmented reality (AR) visualization technology and AI, in real time, based on key performance indicators (KPIs) set internally, or by the client. Sightline Advantage is a major advance in our call centre competitive advantage and allows us to continue to strategically challenge traditional call centres with innovative technology. "

By introducing Sightline Advantage™, Advantage Communications is keeping on the leading edge of call center performance, with a process of continual improvement that creates better customer service and improved efficiency.

Advantage Communications is utilizing this innovative visualization technology to provide clients with real-time operational intelligence integrated into their customer care programs. That's why Advantage Communications now calls their contact centers – Customer Experience Centers - a hub that drives higher levels of customer care and delivers better quality customer experiences.

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Published by Thomas Cannon July 16, 2019