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Customizable Contact Center Pricing Solutions

We’ve mastered the dynamic between cost-efficiency, customization and customer experience. Each contact center pricing model is fully supported by top-notch support, security and privacy applications, as well as one of the most robust business continuity plans in the industry. We offer three scalable contact center pricing models: Custom, Dedicated, Per-Minute and Hybrid.

Custom Contact Center Pricing Solutions - Simple Pricing

The following are just a sample of some of our call center support services, all of which are customizable for your specific needs: Pricing is all-inclusive, covering all the services of your agents, along with a full support team consisting of: Team Supervisors, Quality Assurance Analysts, Training and Development Specialists, Telecom and IT Account Management. We make pricing simple. Your monthly fee is based on one reliable rate that includes the entire operation of your customized contact centre solution.

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Typical Solutions:

Technical Support:

Troubleshooting Email (support and answering services), Hardware and connection issues, Software issues (browser support, operating system support), High-Speed Internet Cable (Internet, wireless, TV), Mobile / Wireless Telephone, Web-hosting, Application Support, Technical Support, Back Office, Help Desk

Service Desk:

Active directory support, Server support, Hardware support (installation and set-up issues), Network drive mapping, Software support.

Inbound Customer Service:

Receiving credit card information, Sales support, General product information, Problem solving, Accounts receivables and collections, Customer care, Billing, Inbound lead generation, Appointment bookings, Reservations, Activations, Up sell/cross sell Service to Sales

Advantage Communications worked with us to offer a program that is unique to our business requirements. They have collaborated and provided insight to deliver the best product for our company.

- Customer Relations Manager, Hyundai Auto Canada

Hybrid Contact Center Pricing Model

Our Hybrid Contact Center Pricing Model is a perfectly tailored mix of Dedicated and Per-Minute support for full coverage at the maximum value.

With this innovative program, we’ve mastered the dynamic between cost-efficiency, customization and customer experience.

You can get all the benefits of a full-scale dedicated contact center solution, sized to fit your needs, and maximize your investment.

The Hybrid Contact Center Pricing Model is a solution that relies on a mix of dedicated contact center agents and “shared queue” agents who supplement the programs by answering overflow calls for multiple different clients throughout the day. Because our teams are highly experienced and engaged, this system allows us to meet a budget that a lot of our competitors cannot. Get in touch today for call center pricing.

Dedicated Contact Center Pricing Model

Our Dedicated Contact Center Pricing Model is a full-scale extension of your brand and business model. Expert agents are hired and trained exclusively for your brand and program. Your customers are served by brand ambassadors who are highly skilled in meeting customer needs and are driven to support your business objectives.

Custom real-time reporting provides maximum agility and response to changes in customer demands. Daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly business reviews will ensure you and your account team are always in sync. Maximize cost-savings through ongoing collaboration and effective workforce management, and enjoy the freedom to scale up and down seamlessly.

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Per-Minute Contact Center Pricing Model

The Per-Minute Contact Center Pricing Model is a flexible solution with dedicated account management. Universal agents are trained in your business model and customer knowledge base. Qualitative reporting helps to understand the needs and behaviors of your customers, and creates a collaborative approach to building and maintaining your knowledge base.

The Per-Minute Contact Center Pricing model includes a dedicated Account Manager who proactively optimizes your program for efficiency and customer satisfaction. You will be able to maximize your cost-savings while maintaining service levels, plus enjoy freedom to scale up and down seamlessly.


We specialize in building scalable solutions for many different sizes of business, and we have achieved excellence in scaling inbound customer service solutions and technical support, with our new and long-standing clients.

If you need to scale quickly (unexpectedly) or take on a project that will require extensive resources - we can meet that challenge too - as we frequently perform rapid launches (from 50 FTE’s day 1), with great success keeping full brand continuity and reliability.

Technology such as chatbots, IVA (Intelligent Virtual Agents) & AI - is totally conducive to scaling solutions.

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Which call center pricing model is best for your brand? We'll make the pricing simple, so you get the best solution. Your monthly fee is based on one reliable rate that includes the entire operation of your customized solution. Do you want to find out more?

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