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We Have a Passion to Put People First

Even though we have built our contact center business on technology, people are at the heart of what we do.

We nurture a culture of engaged, passionate and personable staff who care about the clients they work for.

We’re focused on providing high-rated customer experiences, and our Net Promoter Scores (NPS), and positive feedback (we call it Kudos) totally reflects our passion and professionalism in delivering high-quality service.

Our team are ambassadors of your brand, with top quality training, and the motivation to go beyond the norm to achieve your company’s goals.

How do we PowerUp our people?

Our company culture advocates the principles of integrity, honesty, trust and respect. Employees are individuals not numbers within a system. We provide a managed rewards and recognition program, we send customer kudos across the company, we encourage achievement and we’re building a collaborative environment.

We aim to become the ‘Employer of Choice’ in our respective local markets (Eastern Canada and Jamaica).

As a result, we’re proud to maintain an employee attrition rate of less than 27 percent - well below the industry average.

Roughly 90% of our team are in permanent full-time positions, with 30% having been with us between two and five years. That’s almost twice the industry average!


Our culture is built upon the principles of integrity, honesty, trust and respect, viewing employees as individuals rather than numbers. Our passion is to ‘make a difference’ and we strive to achieve this goal for our clients, as well as our employees every day.

- Gregg Hough, CEO

accent-line-v3 Employee Testimonial
For the past 16 years I can honestly say I have loved working at ACI. It's so much more than just a job, it's a Family. I am surrounded by some pretty incredible & brilliant people who are remarkable at what they do & are also some of my greatest friends.... I have always felt supported & encouraged by my peers & managers to be the best at what I do. I am proud to be a member of the ACI Family!

- Greg Stapleton

accent-line-v3 Employee Testimonial
My Advantage experience has extended far beyond being just a job. Like so many, I joined as an agent in our office in Kingston, Jamaica. The Advantage culture was like nothing I had ever experienced. People were treated with value; Staff were happy to come to work. ... For me, It was as close to a utopia as could be imagined; especially for a company in the BPO space.Feeling a part of something greater than myself, I thrived in the culture, growing as the business grew, and found both personal and professional fulfillment and success. Over time, My wife and I migrated to Canada, and choose to settle in Charlottetown, which allowed for a continued relationship with the business and people I came to regard as family.Not many persons are as fortunate to find a home where they work, so I consider myself extremely lucky. Advantage Communications helped me to find myself, personally and professionally. And it could do the same for anyone else.

- Dwight McEwen


"Advantage Communications delivers exceptional technical support to our customers. Our partnership is a natural fit, we're both Maritime companies that share the same philosophy when it comes to our customers, that is to deliver the best care and support possible.” - Deborah S., President Of Eastlink

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What We Believe

Advantage Communications is “PoweringUp”… to challenge the conventional contact center industry. We're bringing people, passion, and technology together, in completely innovative, scalable and customizable ways to help businesses, like yours, grow.

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Locations to Love

Unlike most contact centers, we serve your customers from the hospitality hotspots close to home, where excellent service is simply a way of life - with contact centers in Canada - Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, and in Jamaica - Portmore, and Kingston.

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