Case Study

Using Innovative AI-Powered Speech Analytics to Drive Improved Customer Service and Enhanced Product Offerings


Ensuring Customers Love the Customer Experience, as Much as They Love the Products


Advantage Communications has used its world-class AI-powered speech analytics technology, and live call guidance software for agents, to dramatically improve customer service results for a national distributor of home devices and appliances - herein named ‘The Client’.

The Client, which is a world leader in the production of vacuum and kitchen appliances, partnered with Advantage Communications (ACI) in September 2020 with a focus on using ACI’s unique and innovative data analytics and speech analytics technologies to dramatically improve its customer service offering. 

The Client partnered with ACI with two primary goals in mind:

It wanted to provide a next-level customer experience that focused on data to drive tangible results.
It needed to bring in new customer service support to help it ramp up during times of seasonal demand.

The Challenge & Solution

As a leader in its respective industry, The Client has typically very highly-rated products, but its customer service program didn’t quite match those ratings. To improve customer satisfaction and build a superior customer experience, The Client wanted to improve its CSAT ratings and establish a genuine center of excellence for its customers. 


To achieve this, ACI built a customer service plan that focused on decreasing average handle time (AHT) and improving customer satisfaction rating scores. 

This customer service program centered around two primary technologies:

  • Speech analytics to identify agent performance, product query trends and reasons for high AHT.
  • Live call guidance to improve agent-customer interactions

These technologies have given The Client unique data-driven insights into how their customer service agents are performing and visibility into the topics associated with its most common customer service queries.

Uncovering unique insights into customer service queries

To enhance The Client’s data-driven approach to customer service, ACI implemented its unique speech analytics software. The technology allows ACI to improve customer satisfaction levels by uncovering actionable intelligence across customer service interactions. 

The software uses contact center artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to record and analyze 100 percent of customer interactions across all of The Client’s customer service channels - including voice, website and social. 

Through the use of speech analytics technology, ACI was able to pinpoint a wide range of actionable insights that helped The Client not only make customer service improvements, but also product improvements. These insights included:

  • Pinpointing satisfaction levels based on specific product items. 
  • Uncovering which products were driving dissatisfaction and increased average handle times. 
  • Identifying silence time on calls by product type. 
  • Uncovering the primary call drivers of AHT.

For example, the AI-powered speech analytics software was used to pick up when a customer would mention specific product names. ACI then took the time associated with these calls to get unique insights into AHT on a product-by-product level. 

This data was used by ACI to make enhancements that lead to improved customer service results and a seamless customer experience, as well as by The Client to make product improvements to reduce customer queries in the first place.


Empowering agents to deliver world-class customer experiences

Improving the customer experience also came down to gaining insightful data into the performance of customer service agents. That’s why ACI introduced the ‘Agent Empowerment Index’ to uncover agent performance, based on four important KPIs:

  • Agent confidence

  • Agent ownership

  • Agent empathy

  • Be a hero

By identifying language associated with each of those categories, the speech analytics software ran in the background of all customer-agent interactions, using AI and machine learning to uncover insights such as the satisfaction level of the call, AHT, what the reason for the call was and much more. 

Speech analytics used innovative AI technology to understand words said by the customer, giving each call a satisfaction ranking. 


Using the data gained from the Agent Empowerment Index and the innovative speech analytics software, ACI was then able to introduce a world-class coaching and agent management program to enhance customer service performance. 

Speech analytics was combined with ACI’s innovative live call guidance technology to vastly improve agent performance through training, in-the-moment agent prompts and the swift communication of script and strategy changes to front line agents. 

Through this data-driven approach to customer service, ACI was able to dramatically improve The Client’s customer satisfaction levels and build a seamless customer experience across all interactions.

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