Having a reliable IT solution can be one of the greatest advantages in business. Give your clients the quick and effective IT support they demand with a custom-designed solution from Advantage Communications. Our IT experts become experts of your business. They are highly experienced, engaged and proud to handle all your calls with ACI’s outstanding level of customer service. We consistently achieve 80% first-call resolution and on average 90% of calls are answered in 60 seconds or less.  With our dedicated, shared and hybrid service models, you can lower your operational and labour costs while enhancing service – even with IT support on-demand 24/7.


We are the telecommunications company for Northern Canada with truly unique needs – from language to services – and ACI researched those needs, responded to them and delivered exactly the customer experience we were looking for. Your flexibility to deliver to our specifications, in the timeline we needed was unparalleled in my experience dealing with 3rd party outsourcers. We went looking for a partner and truly found one in ACI. Northwestel will absolutely continue to utilize ACI services as our needs arise

- Susan Erwin, VP Customer Experience, Northwestel

Technical Support:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Email (support and answering services)
  • Hardware and connection issues
  • Software issues (browser support, operating system support)

IT Helpdesk:

  • Active directory support
  • Server support
  • Hardware support
    (installation and set-up issues)
  • Network drive mapping
  • Software support