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What We Believe

Advantage Communications is “PoweringUp”… to challenge the conventional contact center industry.

We're bringing people, passion, and technology together in completely innovative, scalable, and customizable ways to help businesses like yours grow.

We believe that high-performance customer experiences are built on two fundamentals:

  1. Leveraging innovative contact center technologies such as: AI, IVR, omni-channel chatbots, conversational AI, social messaging, and much more.

  2. Being people-led, powered by passion, driving a customer support process managed by highly-trained, personable agents who act as your brand’s ambassadors.

We also believe where you do business matters.

By operating our state-of-the-art customer experience-focused contact centers in both Atlantic Canada and the Caribbean, our clients benefit from industry expertise, exceptional cost-savings and cultural alignment.

Excellent customer service is simply a way of life in the regions we operate, and our passionate team is an integral part of what makes us tick.

Whether you’re outsourcing your contact center for the first time, or augmenting your existing customer service center - we integrate into your processes, provide omni-channel smart solutions, and deliver proven scalable programs that get results.


Customer Expectations Are Changing? Are You Ready?

Technology is leading rapid change, it’s a catalyst to a new way of thinking and new ways of doing business.

Consumer buying behavior is changing at an accelerating pace.

Customers today are more connected and in control than ever, they’re highly digital, totally mobile, social media savvy, self-reliant, and omni-channel connected.

Are you ready to design a totally new type of customer service experience that resonates with your customers, builds brand relationships and positions your company for the digital future?

While change can be disruptive, we believe that challenging the status quo of the current call center industry is transformative and energizing … and we’re very focused on doing just that.

It’s a time to re-think and challenge traditional  call center processes, and realign strategy to meet new market conditions, such as reaching out to the digital consumer, or the millennial B2B customer, in a way that works for them ... today, it's all about the customer.

The introduction of a nearshore call center solution to help handle our customer interactions reaped huge cost savings for us, while maintaining the same level of service we have grown to expect from ACI.

- Andre Blanchard, Senior Director of Operations, PNI Digital


Here's a Helpful Guide to Contact Center AI

60% of consumers agreed that AI self service can help them reduce the time it takes to get an answer. Is your customer experience resonating with today's buyers?  Customers now seek on-demand self-service - supported by helpful agents. Artificial Intelligence is taking on an important role.  Download our guide to AI and get ready to transform your contact center!

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We take pride in providing our clients with the ultimate customer experience solutions that best fit their specific needs. We want to hear about the issues you're currently experiencing with your current customer service program, so we can work together, to create and customize your very own solution.

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People & Culture

We have a passion to put people first. Our business is built on technology, but people are at the center of what we do. Advantage Communications is an equal opportunity employer, and we believe that diversity brings enriched experiences and ultimately client success.

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Locations to Love

Unlike most contact centers, we serve your customers from the hospitality hotspots close to home, where excellent service is simply a way of life - with contact centers in Canada - Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, and in Jamaica - Portmore, and Kingston.

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Customer Service: How to Build Effective Customer Feedback Surveys

With the rise of customer-centric business strategies, an increasing number of organizations are focusing on customer experience metrics to guide the way they do business.

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