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Real-Time Data Generates Cost Savings

Advantage Communications has the technology to transform your outsourced customer service with significant savings in contact center agent productivity and supervisor efficiency. Focusing on productivity, increasing employee engagement, boosting morale, and decreasing employee turnover are just a few of the ways Advantage optimizes our call center operations.

Continuous real-time feedback for agents and supervisors is the driving force that will capture efficiency and ultimately improve your customer experience.

Number of Agents
Average Annual Cost of a Fully Burdened Agent
$ 35,000
Number of Supervisors
Average Annual Cost of Fully Burdened Supervisor
$ 55,000

PowerUp with Advantage!

The Advantage Effect for Agents

  • Increases Agent Utilization and Productivity
  • Creates Agent Accountability
  • Drives Customer Satisfaction
  • Improves Schedule Adherence
  • Reduces Agent Idle Time
  • Reduces Agent Turnover
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Cost Savings

5% Annual Improvement

$ 625,000 saved

10% Annual Improvement

$ 975,000 saved

15% Annual Improvement

$ 1,325,050 saved

20% Annual Improvement

$ 1,675,000 saved

Why You Need Operational Intelligence 

With more customer service program insight - better program manager decisions follow - and customer service improvements happen. We can do this by;

Boosting our agents - Using historical and real-time tracking, Advantage Communications can identify trends that make our best agents stand out above the rest. Previously what was lost in spreadsheets, is now quickly visible. We are able to quickly recognize success strategies, training requirements, and valuable insights to foster the continuous improvement of your customer service program.

Self-governance - This specially designed operational intelligence system promotes self-governance across all our agents, who are able to use this tool for goal tracking and real-time data feedback. When all team members work towards full accountability, client progress is made at a much higher pace.

Time saved on reporting - With operational intelligence we can eliminate ‘after the fact reports’ and gain a clear understanding of what is really happening, in real-time, with your customer service program. we can also quickly achieve a data-based understanding and timely insights into how to solve complex issues that are easily visible in customer service.

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