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Advantage Communications

ACI's support teams and call center agents are based in our headquarters in Canada as well as Jamaica. A disruptor to the traditional call center, we use innovative technology such as artificial intelligence, and omni-channel customer experience strategies. In a countries renowned for being friendly and polite, an ACI contact center offers the opportunity to enhance your brand perception and Wow your customers!

Customer Expectations Are Changing. Are You Ready?

Technology is leading rapid change, it’s a catalyst to a new way of thinking and new ways of doing business.

Consumer buying behavior is changing at an accelerating pace.

Customers today are more connected and in control than ever, they’re highly digital, totally mobile, social media savvy, self-reliant, and omni-channel connected.

Are you ready to design a completely new type of customer service experience that resonates with your customers, builds brand relationships and positions your company for the digital future?

While change can be disruptive, we believe that challenging the status quo of the current call center industry is transformative and energizing … and we’re very focused on doing just that.

It’s a time to re-think and challenge traditional  call center processes, and realign strategy to meet new market conditions, such as reaching out to the digital consumer, or the millennial B2B customer, in a way that works for them ... today, it's all about the customer.

Testimonial Quote

Advantage Communications delivers exceptional support to our customers. Our partnership is a natural fit, we’re both Maritime companies that share the same philosophy when it comes to our customers, that is to deliver the best care and support possible.

- Deborah Shaffner, President at Eastlink


Let's Talk About Your Contact Center Brand Experience

We take pride in providing our clients with the ultimate customer experience solutions that best fit their specific brand needs. We want to hear about the brand challenges you're currently experiencing with your existing call center or customer service program, so we can work together, to create and customize your very own solution.

Let's Talk!


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