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Call Center Solutions for SMEs

We work with businesses of all sizes, from startups to international enterprises, to PowerUp their customer experience, using next generation contact center technology such as social messaging, chatbots, IVA and AI, combined with highly trained personable call center agents.

Flexible Systems that Scale

We’re ready to work with any sized business that wants to scale; start-ups - who may be looking at outsourcing inbound customer care for the first time; small/medium sized-businesses who are growing; or major multinational enterprises, who are looking to augment an already extensive call center program.

Call Center Solutions for StartUps

You can either go in-house and struggle with future scalability issues, or you can outsource support and customer service to an outsourced contact center partner and get friendly, professional, reliable support for your emerging customer base. 


We make it simple and affordable for small businesses and startups to access the benefits of outsourced contact center support through our flexible Per-Minute and Hybrid service models. You don’t have to know all the details about call volume, frequently asked questions or customer demands prior to getting started.

Your dedicated account manager will work with you to build your knowledge base and help structure your contact center operations around customer behavior. Our ‘Resolve’ reporting system provides qualitative information about each call, to better understand customer behavior and adapt quickly to meet their needs.

As your business grows your call center solution will scale - so the partnership you build with us now, will be a solid base for the future.

Solutions for Large Enterprise Clients

Larger enterprise clients will appreciate our approach to your brand, our depth of experience, our commitment to optimization and ease of implementation.

We provide expert advice for program development, technology implementation, integrations, and on-going evaluation and reporting.

Using the latest conversational AI technology paired with highly trained and personable agents - we can help send a brand message to your customers that your organization is advanced, forward thinking and moving forward with digital trends, providing the best customer experience possible.

Whether you are looking to cover a short-term need to meet a rapid influx in call volume, or are looking for a strategic partner to supply the whole or part of your customer service solution, we are ready to build a program that delivers an exceptional customer experience. You can rely on us to get it right and deliver your brand’s value and messages with professionalism and personality.

- Randy Clapp, Chief Revenue Officer, Advantage Communications

2020 Contact Center Trends eBook Cover

Featured eBook

Revolutionize Your Customer Experience in 2020!

What tactics will Contact Centers adopt in 2020 to ensure they exceed customer expectations?

New research from the “Serial Switchers” Report, reveals that poor customer service is costing more than $75 billion a year - that’s up $13 billion since last reported in 2016.

Customer Experience is top of mind in the boardroom and C-Suite - as customer service is recognized as highly strategic for growth and revenue.

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Whatever you company size, we take pride in providing our clients with the ultimate customer experience solutions that best fit their brands specific needs. We'd like to show you how we do it, and how we can create and customize your very own customer support solution.

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Retail & Customer Service

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Scalable Solutions

We can help your scale, whatever your business size. If a scalable solution is needed for an emergency, or a long-term growth strategy, we provide the expertise to plan it out - and make it happen on your schedule using our customizable service models. We specialize in building scalable solutions for many different sizes of business.

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